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whisping? Is it not divinely deluscious? But in't it bafforyou?1
Misi misi! Tell me till my thrillme comes! I will not break the2
seal. I am enjoying it still, I swear I am! Why do you prefer its3
in these dark nets, if why may ask, my sweetykins? Sh sh! Long-4
ears is flying. No, sweetissest, why would that ennoy me? But5
don't! You want to be slap well slapped for that. Your delighted6
lips, love, be careful! Mind my duvetyne dress above all! It's7
golded silvy, the newest sextones with princess effect. For Rut-8
land blue's got out of passion. So, so, my precious! O, I can see9
the cost, chare! Don't tell me! Why, the boy in sheeps' lane10
knows that. If I sell whose, dears? Was I sold here' tears? You11
mean those conversation lozenges? How awful! The bold shame12
of me! I wouldn't, chickens, not for all the juliettes in the twinkly13
way! I could snap them when I see them winking at me in bed.14
I didn't did so, my intended, or was going to or thinking of.15
Shshsh! Don't start like that, you wretch! I thought ye knew all16
and more, ye aucthor, to explique to ones the significat of their17
exsystems with your nieu nivulon lead. It's only another queer18
fish or other in Brinbrou's damned old trouchorous river again,19
Gothewishegoths bless us and spare her! And gibos rest from the20
bosso! Excuse me for swearing, love, I swear to the sorrasims on21
their trons of Uian I didn't mean to by this alpin armlet! Did you22
really never in all our cantalang lives speak clothse to a girl's23
before? No! Not even to the charmermaid? How marfellows!24
Of course I believe you, my own dear doting liest, when you25
tell me. As I'd live to, O, I'd love to! Liss, liss! I muss whiss!26
Never that ever or I can remember dearstreaming faces, you may27
go through me! Never in all my whole white life of my match-28
less and pair. Or ever for bitter be the frucht of this hour! With29
my whiteness I thee woo and bind my silk breasths I thee bound!30
Always, Amory, amor andmore! Till always, thou lovest!31
Shshshsh! So long as the lucksmith. Laughs!32
    11. If you met on the binge a poor acheseyeld from Ailing, 33
when the tune of his tremble shook shimmy on shin, while his34
countrary raged in the weak of his wailing, like a rugilant pugi-35
lant Lyon O'Lynn; if he maundered in misliness, plaining his36