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at my apron stage. Shy is him, dovey? Musforget there's an1
audience. I have been lost, angel. Cuddle, ye divil ye! It's our2
toot-a-toot. Hearhere! Sensation! Let them, their whole four3
courtships! Let them, Bigbawl and his boosers' eleven makes4
twelve territorials. The Old Sot's Hole that wants wide streets to5
commission their noisense in, at the Mitchells v. Nicholls. Aves6
Selvae Acquae Valles! And my waiting twenty classbirds, sitting7
on their stiles! Let me finger their eurhythmytic. And you'll see8
if I'm selfthought. They're all of them out to please. Wait! In9
the name of. And all the holly. And some the mistle and it Saint10
Yves. Hoost! Ahem! There's Ada, Bett, Celia, Delia, Ena,11
Fretta, Gilda, Hilda, Ita, Jess, Katty, Lou, (they make me cough12
as sure as I read them) Mina, Nippa, Opsy, Poll, Queeniee, Ruth,13
Saucy, Trix, Una, Vela, Wanda, Xenia, Yva, Zulma, Phoebe,14
Thelma. And Mee! The reformatory boys is goaling in for the15
church so we've all comefeast like the groupsuppers and caught16
lipsolution from Anty Pravidance under penancies for myrtle17
sins. When their bride was married all my belles began ti ting.18
A ring a ring a rosaring! Then everyone will hear of it. Whoses19
wishes is the farther to my thoughts. But I'll plant them a poser20
for their nomanclatter. When they're out with the daynurse21
doing Chaperon Mall. Bright pigeons all over the whirrld will22
fly with my mistletoe message round their loveribboned necks23
and a crumb of my cake for each chasta dieva. We keeps all and24
sundry papers. In th' amourlight, O my darling! No, I swear to25
you by Fibsburrow churchdome and Sainte Andrée's Under-26
shift, by all I hold secret from my world and in my underworld27
of nighties and naughties and all the other wonderwearlds!28
Close your, notmust look! Now open, pet, your lips, pepette,29
like I used my sweet parted lipsabuss with Dan Holohan of30
facetious memory taught me after the flannel dance, with the31
proof of love, up Smock Alley the first night he smelled pouder32
and I coloured beneath my fan, pipetta mia, when you learned33
me the linguo to melt. Whowham would have ears like ours,34
the blackhaired! Do you like that, silenzioso? Are you enjoying,35
this same little me, my life, my love? Why do you like my36