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me there and then cease to be? Whatever for, blossoms?) Your1
hairmejig if you had one. If I am laughing with you? No,2
lovingest, I'm not so dying to take my rise out of you, adored.3
Not in the very least. True as God made my Mamaw hiplength4
modesty coatmawther! It's only because the rison is I'm only any5
girl, you lovely fellow of my dreams, and because old somebooby6
is not a roundabout, my trysting of the tulipies, like that puff7
pape bucking Daveran assoiling us behinds. What a nerve!8
He thinks that's what the vesprey's for. How vain's that hope in9
cleric's heart Who still pursues th'adult' rous art, Cocksure that10
rusty gown of his Will make fair Sue forget his phiz! Tame11
Schwipps. Blessed Marguerite bosses, I hope they threw away12
the mould or else we'll have Ballshossers and Sourdamapplers13
with their medical assassiations all over the place. But hold hard14
till I've got my latchkey vote and I'll teach him when to wear15
what woman callours. On account of the gloss of the gleison16
Hasaboobrawbees isabeaubel. And because, you pluckless lanka-17
loot, I hate the very thought of the thought of you and because,18
dearling, of course, adorest, I was always meant for an engin-19
dear from the French college, to be musband, nomme d'engien,20
when we do and contract with encho tencho solver when you21
are married to reading and writing which pleasebusiness now22
won't be long for he's so loopy on me and I'm so leapy like23
since the day he carried me from the boat, my saviored of eroes,24
to the beach and I left on his shoulder one fair hair to guide hand25
and mind to its softness. Ever so sorry! I beg your pardon, I was26
listening to every treasuried word I said fell from my dear mot's27
tongue otherwise how could I see what you were thinking of28
our granny? Only I wondered if I threw out my shaving water.29
Anyway, here's my arm, pulletneck. Gracefully yours. Move your30
mouth towards minth, more, preciousest, more on more! To31
please me, treasure. Don't be a, I'm not going to! Sh! nothing!32
A cricri somewhere! Buybuy! I'm fly! Hear, pippy, under the33
limes. You know bigtree are all against gravstone. They hisshis-34
tenency. Garnd ond mand! So chip chirp chirrup, cigolo, for the35
lug of Migo! The little passdoor, I go you before, so, and you're36