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to make them look so rosetop glowstop nostop. I know her.1
Slight me, would she? For every got I care! Three creamings a2
day, the first during her shower and wipe off with tissue. Then3
after cleanup and of course before retiring. Beme shawl, when I4
think of that espos of a Clancarbry, the foodbrawler, of the socia-5
tionist party with hiss blackleaded chest, hello, Prendregast!6
that you, Innkipper, and all his fourteen other fullback maulers7
or hurling stars or whatever the dagos they are, baiting at my8
Lord Ornery's, just becups they won the egg and spoon there9
so ovally provencial at Balldole. My Eilish assent he seed makes10
his admiracion. He is seeking an opening and means to be first11
with me as his belle alliance. Andoo musnoo play zeloso! Soso12
do todas. Such is Spanish. Stoop alittle closer, fealse! Delight-13
some simply! Like Jolio and Romeune. I haven't fell so turkish14
for ages and ages! Mine's me of squisious, the chocolate with15
a soul. Extraordinary! Why, what are they all, the mucky lot16
of them only? Sht! I wouldn't pay three hairpins for them. Peppt!17
That's rights, hold it steady! Leg me pull. Pu! Come big to Iran.18
Poo! What are you nudging for? No, I just thought you were.19
Listen, loviest! Of course it was too kind of you, miser, to re-20
member my sighs in shockings, my often expressed wish when21
you were wandering about my trousseaurs and before I forget it22
don't forget, in your extensions to my personality, when knotting23
my remembrancetie, shoeweek will be trotting back with red24
heels at the end of the moon but look what the fool bought25
cabbage head and, as I shall answer to gracious heaven, I'll26
always in always remind of snappy new girters, me being always27
the one for charms with my very best in proud and gloving28
even if he was to be vermillion miles my youth to live on,29
the rubberend Mr Polkingtone, the quonian fleshmonger who30
Mother Browne solicited me for unlawful converse with, with31
her mug of October (a pots on it!), creaking around on his old32
shanksaxle like a crosty old cornquake. Airman, waterwag, terrier,33
blazer! I'm fine, thanks ever! Ha! O mind you poo tickly. Sall I34
puhim in momou. Mummum. Funny spot to have a fingey! I'm35
terribly sorry, I swear to you I am! May you never see me in my36