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of nature set a veiled world agrin and went within a sheet of1
tissuepaper of the option of three gaols; who could see at one2
blick a saumon taken with a lance, hunters pursuing a doe, a3
swallowship in full sail, a whyterobe lifting a host; faced flappery4
like old King Cnut and turned his back like Cincinnatus; is a5
farfar and morefar and a hoar father Nakedbucker in villas old as6
new; squats aquart and cracks aquaint when it's flaggin in town7
and on haven; blows whiskery around his summit but stehts8
stout upon his footles; stutters fore he falls and goes mad entirely9
when he's waked; is Timb to the pearly mom and Tomb to the10
mourning night; and an he had the best bunbaked bricks in bould11
Babylon for his pitching plays he'd be lost for the want of his12
wan wubblin wall?13
    Answer: Finn MacCool! 14
    2. Does your mutter know your mike? 15
    Answer: When I tum meoptics, from suchurban prospects, 16
'tis my filial's bosom, doth behold with pride, that pontificator,17
and circumvallator, with his dam night garrulous, slipt by his18
side. Ann alive, the lisp of her, 'twould grig mountains whisper19
her, and the bergs of Iceland melt in waves of fire, and her spoon-20
me-spondees, and her dirckle-me-ondenees, make the Rageous21
Ossean, kneel and quaff a lyre! If Dann's dane, Ann's dirty, if22
he's plane she's purty, if he's fane, she's flirty, with her auburnt23
streams, and her coy cajoleries, and her dabblin drolleries, for to24
rouse his rudderup, or to drench his dreams. If hot Hammurabi,25
or cowld Clesiastes, could espy her pranklings, they'd burst26
bounds agin, and renounce their ruings, and denounce their do-27
ings, for river and iver, and a night. Amin!28
    3. Which title is the true-to-type motto-in-lieu for that Tick 29
for Teac thatchment painted witt wheth one darkness, where30
asnake is under clover and birds aprowl are in the rookeries and31
a magda went to monkishouse and a riverpaard was spotted,32
which is not Whichcroft Whorort not Ousterholm Dreyschluss33
not Haraldsby, grocer, not Vatandcan, vintner, not Houseboat34
and Hive not Knox-atta-Belle not O'Faynix Coalprince not35
Wohn Squarr Roomyeck not Ebblawn Downes not Le Decer36