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by his ain fireside, wondering was it hebrew set to himmeltones1
or the quicksilversong of qwaternions; his troubles may be over2
but his doubles have still to come; the lobster pot that crabbed3
our keel, the garden pet that spoiled our squeezed peas; he stands4
in a lovely park, sea is not far, importunate towns of X, Y and5
Z are easily over reached; is an excrescence to civilised humanity6
and but a wart on Europe; wanamade singsigns to soundsense7
an yit he wanna git all his flesch nuemaid motts truly prural and8
plusible; has excisively large rings and is uncustomarily perfumed;9
lusteth ath he listeth the cleah whithpeh of a themise; is a prince10
of the fingallian in a hiberniad of hoolies; has a hodge to wherry11
him and a frenchy to curry him and a brabanson for his beeter and12
a fritz at his switch; was waylaid of a parker and beschotten by a13
buckeley; kicks lintils when he's cuppy and casts Jacob's arroroots,14
dime after dime, to poor waifstrays on the perish; reads the charms15
of H. C. Endersen all the weaks of his evenin and the crimes of16
Ivaun the Taurrible every strongday morn; soaps you soft to your17
face and slaps himself when he's badend; owns the bulgiest bung-18
barrel that ever was tiptapped in the privace of the Mullingar19
Inn; was bom with a nuasilver tongue in his mouth and went20
round the coast of Iron with his lift hand to the scene; raised but21
two fingers and yet smelt it would day; for whom it is easier to22
found a see in Ebblannah than for I or you to find a dubbeltye23
in Dampsterdamp; to live with whom is a lifemayor and to know24
whom a liberal education; was dipped in Hoily Olives and chrys-25
med in Scent Otooles; hears cricket on the earth but annoys the26
life out of predikants; still turns the durc's ear of Darius to the27
now thoroughly infurioted one of God; made Man with juts28
that jerk and minted money mong maney; likes a six acup pud-29
ding when he's come whome sweetwhome; has come through all30
the eras of livsadventure from moonshine and shampaying down31
to clouts and pottled porter; woollem the farsed, hahnreich the32
althe, charge the sackend, writchad the thord; if a mandrake33
shricked to convultures at last surviving his birth the weibduck34
will wail bitternly over the rotter's resurrection; loses weight in35
the moon night but gird girder by the sundawn; with one touch36