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round a lamp of succar in boinyn water; three shots a puddy at1
up blup saddle; made up to Miss MacCormack Ni Lacarthy who2
made off with Darly Dermod, swank and swarthy; once diamond3
cut garnet now dammat cuts groany; you might find him at the4
Florence but watch our for him in Wynn's Hotel; theer's his5
bow and wheer's his leaker and heer lays his bequiet hearse,6
deep; Swed Albiony, likeliest villain of the place; Hennery Can-7
terel       Cockran, eggotisters, limitated; we take our tays and8
frees our fleas round sadurn's mounted foot; built the Lund's9
kirk and destroyed the church's land; who guesse his title grabs10
his deeds; fletch and prities, fash and chaps; artful Juke of Wilysly;11
Hugglebelly's Funniral; Kukkuk Kallikak; heard in camera and12
excruciated; boon when with benches billeted, bann if buckshot-13
backshattered; heavengendered, chaosfoedted, earthborn; his14
father presumptively ploughed it deep on overtime and his15
mother as all evince must have travailled her fair share; a foot-16
prinse on the Megacene, hetman unwhorsed by Searingsand;17
honorary captain of the extemporised fire brigade, reported to18
be friendly with the police; the door is still open; the old stock19
collar is coming back; not forgetting the time you laughed at20
Elder Charterhouse's duckwhite pants and the way you said the21
whole township can see his hairy legs; by stealth of a kersse her22
aulburntress abaft his nape she hung; when his kettle became a23
hearthsculdus our thorstyites set their lymphyamphyre; his year-24
letter concocted by masterhands of assays, his hallmark imposed25
by the standard of wrought plate; a pair of pectorals and a triple-26
screen to get a wind up; lights his pipe with a rosin tree and hires27
a towhorse to haul his shoes; cures slavey's scurvy, breaks28
barons boils; called to sell polosh and was found later in a bed-29
room; has his seat of justice, his house of mercy, his corn o'copious30
and his stacks a'rye; prospector, he had a rooksacht, retrospector,31
he holds the holpenstake; won the freedom of new yoke for the32
minds of jugoslaves; acts active, peddles in passivism and is a33
gorgon of selfridgeousness; pours a laughsworth of his illforma-34
tion over a larmsworth of salt; half heard the single maiden35
speech La Belle spun to her Grand Mount and wholed a lifetime36