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mursque but can be as noisy as a sonogog; was Dilmun when his1
date was palmy and Mudlin when his nut was cracked; suck up2
the sease, lep laud at ease, one lip on his lap and one cushlin his3
crease; his porter has a mighty grasp and his baxters the boon of4
broadwhite; as far as wind dries and rain eats and sun turns5
and water bounds he is exalted and depressed, assembled and6
asundered; go away, we are deluded, come back, we are dis-7
ghosted; bored the Ostrov, leapt the Inferus, swam the Mabbul8
and flure the Moyle; like fat, like fatlike tallow, of greasefulness,9
yea of dripping greasefulness; did not say to the old, old, did not10
say to the scorbutic, scorbutic; he has founded a house, Uru,11
a house he has founded to which he has assigned its fate; bears12
a raaven geulant on a fjeld duiv; ruz the halo off his varlet when13
he appeared to his shecook as Haycock, Emmet, Boaro, Toaro,14
Osterich, Mangy and Skunk; pressed the beer of aled age out of15
the nettles of rashness; put a roof on the lodge for Hymn and a16
coq in his pot pro homo; was dapifer then pancircensor then17
hortifex magnus; the topes that tippled on him, the types that18
toppled off him; still starts our hares yet gates our goat; pocket-19
book packetboat, gapman gunrun; the light of other days, dire20
dreary darkness; our awful dad, Timour of Tortur; puzzling,21
startling, shocking, nay, perturbing; went puffing from king's22
brugh to new customs, doffing the gibbous off him to every23
breach of all size; with Pa's new heft and Papa's new helve he's24
Papapa's old cutlass Papapapa left us; when youngheaded old-25
shouldered and middlishneck aged about; caller herring every-26
daily, turgid tarpon overnight; see Loryon the comaleon that27
changed endocrine history by loeven his loaf with forty bannucks;28
she drove him dafe till he driv her blind up; the pigeons doves be29
perchin all over him one day on Baslesbridge and the ravens duv30
be pitchin their dark nets after him the next night behind Koenig-31
stein's Arbour; tronf of the rep, comf of the priv, prosp of the32
pub; his headwood it's ideal if his feet are bally clay; he crashed33
in the hollow of the park, trees down, as he soared in the vaguum34
of the phoenix, stones up; looks like a moultain boultter and35
sounds like a rude word; the mountain view, some lumin pale36