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his cornerwall melking mark so murry, the queen was steep in1
armbour feeling fain and furry, the mayds was midst the haw-2
thorns shoeing up their hose, out pimps the back guards (pomp!)3
and pump gun they goes; to all his foretellers he reared a stone4
and for all his comethers he planted a tree; forty acres, sixty miles,5
white stripe, red stripe, washes his fleet in annacrwatter; whou6
missed a porter so whot shall he do for he wanted to sit for7
Pimploco but they've caught him to stand for Sue?; Dutchlord,8
Dutchlord, overawes us; Headmound, king and martyr, dunstung9
in the Yeast, Pitre-le-Pore-in Petrin, Barth-the-Grete-by-the-10
Exchange; he hestens towards dames troth and wedding hand11
like the prince of Orange and Nassau while he has trinity left12
behind him like Bowlbeggar Bill-the-Bustonly; brow of a hazel-13
wood, pool in the dark; changes blowicks into bullocks and a14
well of Artesia into a bird of Arabia; the handwriting on his15
facewall, the cryptoconchoidsiphonostomata in his exprussians;16
his birthspot lies beyond the herospont and his burialplot in the17
pleasant little field; is the yldist kiosk on the pleninsula and the18
unguest hostel in Saint Scholarland; walked many hundreds and19
many score miles of streets and lit thousands in one nightlights20
in hectares of windows; his great wide cloak lies on fifteen acres21
and his little white horse decks by dozens our doors; O sorrow22
the sail and woe the rudder that were set for Mairie Quai!; his23
suns the huns, his dartars the tartars, are plenty here today; who24
repulsed from his burst the bombolts of Ostenton and falchioned25
each flash downsaduck in the deep; apersonal problem, a loca-26
tive enigma; upright one, vehicule of arcanisation in the field,27
lying chap, floodsupplier of celiculation through ebblanes; a part28
of the whole as a port for a whale; Dear Hewitt Castello, Equerry,29
were daylighted with our outing and are looking backwards to30
unearly summers, from Rhoda Dundrums; is above the seedfruit31
level and outside the leguminiferous zone; when older links lock32
older hearts then he'll resemble she; can be built with glue and33
clippings, scrawled or voided on a buttress; the night express34
sings his story, the song of sparrownotes on his stave of wires;35
he crawls with lice, he swarms with saggarts; is as quiet as a36