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then backed broadside on Baulacleeva; either eldorado or ultimate1
thole; a kraal of fou feud fires, a crawl of five pubs; laid out lash-2
ings of laveries to hunt down his family ancestors and then pled3
double trouble or quick quits to hush the buckers up; threw peb-4
blets for luck over one sodden shoulder and dragooned peoplades5
armed to their teeth; pept as Gaudio Gambrinus, grim as Potter6
the Grave; ace of arts, deuce of damimonds, trouble of clubs, fear7
of spates; cumbrum, cumbrum, twiniceynurseys fore a drum but8
tre to uno tips the scale; reeled the titleroll opposite a brace of9
girdles in Silver on the Screen but was sequenced from the set10
as Crookback by the even more titulars, Rick, Dave and Barry;11
he can get on as early as the twentysecond of Mars but occasion-12
ally he doesn't come off before Virgintiquinque Germinal; his In-13
dian name is Hapapoosiesobjibway and his number in arithmo-14
sophy is the stars of the plough; took weapon in the province of15
the pike and let fling his line on Eelwick; moves in vicous cicles16
yet remews the same; the drain rats bless his offals while the park17
birds curse his floodlights; Portobello, Equadocta, Therecocta,18
Percorello; he pours into the softclad shellborn the hard cash19
earned in Watling Street; his birth proved accidental shows his20
death its grave mistake; brought us giant ivy from the land of21
younkers and bewitthered Apostolopolos with the gale of his gall;22
while satisfied that soft youthful bright matchless girls should23
bosom into fine silkclad joyous blooming young women is not24
so pleased that heavy swearsome strongsmelling irregularshaped25
men should blottout active handsome wellformed frankeyed boys;26
herald hairyfair, alloaf the wheat; husband your aunt and endow27
your nepos; hearken but hush it, screen him and see; time is,28
an archbishopric, time was, a tradesmen's entrance; beckburn29
brooked with wath, scale scarred by scow; his rainfall is a couple30
of kneehighs while his meanst grass temperature marked three in31
the shade; is the meltingpoint of snow and the bubblingplace of32
alcohol; has a tussle with the trulls and then does himself justice;33
hinted at in the eschatological chapters of Humphrey's Justesse34
of the Jaypees and hunted for by Theban recensors who sniff35
there's something behind the Bug of the Deaf; the king was in36