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silent as the bee in honey, stark as the breath on hauwck, Cos-1
tello, Kinsella, Mahony, Moran, though you rope Amrique your2
home ruler is Dan; figure right, he is hoisted by the scurve of3
his shaggy neck, figure left, he is rationed in isobaric patties4
among the crew; one asks was he poisoned, one thinks how much5
did he leave; ex-gardener (Riesengebirger), fitted up with6
planturous existencies would make Roseoogreedy (mite's) little7
hose; taut sheets and scuppers awash but the oil silk mack Lieb- 8
sterpet micks his aquascutum; the enjoyment he took in kay9
women, the employment he gave to gee men; sponsor to a squad10
of piercers, ally to a host of rawlies; against lightning, explosion,11
fire, earthquake, flood, whirlwind, burglary, third party, rot, loss12
of cash, loss of credit, impact of vehicles; can rant as grave as13
oxtail soup and chat as gay as a porto flippant; is unhesitent in14
his unionism and yet a pigotted nationalist; Sylviacola is shy of15
him, Matrosenhosens nose the joke; shows the sinews of peace in16
his chest-o-wars; fiefeofhome, ninehundred and thirtunine years17
of copyhold; is aldays open for polemypolity's sake when he's not18
suntimes closed for the love of Janus; sucks life's eleaxir from19
the pettipickles of the Jewess and ruoulls in sulks if any popeling20
runs down the Huguenots; Boomaport, Walleslee, Ubermeerschall21
Blowcher and Supercharger, Monsieur Ducrow, Mister Mudson,22
master gardiner; to one he's just paunch and judex, to another23
full of beans and brehons; hallucination, cauchman, ectoplasm;24
passed for baabaa blacksheep till he grew white woo woo woolly;25
was drummatoysed by Mac Milligan's daughter and put to music26
by one shoebard; all fitzpatricks in his emirate remember him, the27
boys of wetford hail him babu; indanified himself with boro tribute28
and was schenkt publicly to brigstoll; was given the light in drey29
orchafts and entumuled in threeplexes; his likeness is in Terrecuite30
and he giveth rest to the rainbowed; lebriety, frothearnity and31
quality; his reverse makes a virtue of necessity while his obverse32
mars a mother by invention; beskilk his gunwale and he's the33
second imperial, untie points, unhook tenters and he's lath and34
plaster; calls upon Allthing when he fails to appeal to Eachovos;35
basidens, ardree, kongsemma, rexregulorum; stood into Dee mouth,36