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years before he wallowed round Raggiant Circos; the cabalstone1
at the coping of his cavin is a canine constant but only an amiri-2
can could apparoxemete the apeupresiosity of his atlast's alonge-3
ment; sticklered rights and lefts at Baddersdown in his hunt for4
the boar trwth but made his end with the modareds that came5
at him in Camlenstrete; a hunnibal in exhaustive conflict, an otho6
to return; burning body to aiger air on melting mountain in7
wooing wave; we go into him sleepy children, we come out of8
him strucklers for life; he divested to save from the Mrs Drown-9
ings their rival queens while Grimshaw, Bragshaw and Renshaw10
made off with his storen clothes; taxed and rated, licensed and11
ranted; his threefaced stonehead was found on a whitehorse hill12
and the print of his costellous feet is seen in the goat's grass-13
circle; pull the blind, toll the deaf and call dumb, lame and halty;14
Miraculone, Monstrucceleen; led the upplaws at the Creation and15
hissed a snake charmer off her stays; hounded become haunter,16
hunter become fox; harrier, marrier, terrier, tav; Olaph the Ox-17
man, Thorker the Tourable; you feel he is Vespasian yet you18
think of him as Aurelius; whugamore, tradertory, socianist, com-19
moniser; made a summer assault on our shores and begiddy got20
his sands full; first he shot down Raglan Road and then he tore21
up Marlborough Place; Cromlechheight and Crommalhill were22
his farfamed feetrests when our lurch as lout let free into the23
Lubar heloved; mareschalled his wardmotes and delimited the24
main; netted before nibbling, can scarce turn a scale but, grossed25
after meals, weighs a town in himself; Banba prayed for his con-26
version, Beurla missed that grand old voice; a Colossus among27
cabbages, the Melarancitrone of fruits; larger than life, doughtier28
than death; Gran Turco, orege forment; lachsembulger, leperlean;29
the sparkle of his genial fancy, the depth of his calm sagacity, the30
clearness of his spotless honour, the flow of his boundless bene-31
volence; our family furbear, our tribal tarnpike; quary was he32
invincibled and cur was he burked; partitioned Irskaholm, united33
Irishmen; he took a svig at his own methyr but she tested a bit34
gorky and as for the salmon he was coming up in him all life35
long; comm, eilerdich hecklebury and sawyer thee, warden;36