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life; Mount of Mish, Mell of Moy; had two cardinal ventures and1
three capitol sinks; has a peep in his pocketbook and a packet-2
boat in his keep; B.V.H., B.L.G., P.P.M., T.D.S., V.B.D.,3
T.C.H., L.O.N.; is Breakfates, Lunger, Diener and Souper; as4
the streets were paved with cold he felt his topperairy; taught5
himself skating and learned how to fall; distinctly dirty but rather6
a dear; hoveth chieftains evrywehr, with morder; Ostman7
Effendi, Serge Paddishaw; baases two mmany, outpriams al'8
his parisites; first of the fenians, roi des fainéants; his Tiara of9
scones was held unfillable till one Liam Fail felled him in West-10
munster; was struck out of his sittem when he rowed saulely to11
demask us and to our appauling predicament brought as plagues12
from Buddapest; put a matchhead on an aspenstalk and set the13
living a fire; speared the rod and spoiled the lightning; married14
with cakes and repunked with pleasure; till he was buried how-15
happy was he and he made the welkins ring with Up Micawber!;16
god at the top of the staircase, carrion on the mat of straw;17
the false hood of a spindler web chokes the cavemouth of his18
unsightliness but the nestlings that liven his leafscreen sing him19
a lover of arbuties; we strike hands over his bloodied warsheet20
but we are pledged entirely to his green mantle; our friend21
vikelegal, our swaran foi; under the four stones by his streams22
who vanished the wassailbowl at the joy of shells; Mora and23
Lora had a hill of a high time looking down on his confusion till24
firm look in readiness, forward spear and the windfoot of curach25
strewed the lakemist of Lego over the last of his fields; we26
darkened for you, faulterer, in the year of mourning but we'll27
fidhil to the dimtwinklers when the streamy morvenlight calls up28
the sunbeam; his striped pantaloons, his rather strange walk;29
hereditatis columna erecta, hagion chiton eraphon; nods a nap for30
the nonce but crows cheerio when they get ecunemical; is a simul-31
taneous equator of elimbinated integras when three upon one is32
by inspection improper; has the most conical hodpiece of con-33
fusianist heronim and that chuchuffuous chinchin of his is like34
a footsey kungoloo around Taishantyland; he's as globeful as a35
gasometer of lithium and luridity and he was thrice ten anular36