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hope stick to futuerism; light leglifters cense him souriantes from1
afore while boor browbenders curse him grommelants to his2
hindmost; between youlasses and yeladst glimse of Even; the3
Lug his peak has, the Luk his pile; drinks tharr and wodhar for4
his asama and eats the unparishable sow to styve off reglar rack;5
the beggars cloak them reclined about his paddystool, the whores6
winken him as they walk their side; on Christienmas at Advent7
Lodge, New Yealand, after a lenty illness the roeverand Mr8
Easterling of pentecostitis, no followers by bequest, fanfare all9
private; Gone Where Glory Waits Him (Ball, bulletist) but Not10
Here Yet (Maxwell, clark); comminxed under articles but phoe-11
nished a borgiess; from the vat on the bier through the burre in12
the dark to the buttle of the bawn; is A1 an the highest but Roh13
re his root; filled fanned of hackleberries whenas all was tuck14
and toss up for him as a yangster to fall fou of hockinbechers15
wherein he had gauged the use of raisin; ads aliments, das doles,16
raps rustics, tams turmoil; sas seed enough for a semination but17
sues skivvies on the sly; learned to speak from hand to mouth18
till he could talk earish with his eyes shut; hacked his way through19
hickheckhocks but hanged hishelp from there hereafters; rialtos,20
annesleyg, binn and balls to say nothing atolk of New Comyn;21
the gleam of the glow of the shine of the sun through the22
dearth of the dirth on the blush of the brick of the viled ville of23
Barnehulme has dust turned to brown; these dyed to tartan him,24
rueroot, dulse, bracken, teasel, fuller's ash, sundew and cress;25
long gunn but not for cotton; stood his sharp assault of famine26
but grew girther, girther and girther; he has twenty four or so27
cousins germinating in the United States of America and a28
namesake with an initial difference in the once kingdom of29
Poland; his first's a young rose and his second's French-30
Egyptian and his whole means a slump at Christie's; forth of his31
pierced part came the woman of his dreams, blood thicker then32
water last trade overseas; buyshop of Glintylook, eorl of Hoed;33
you and I are in him surrented by brwn bldns; Elin's flee34
polt pelhaps but Hwang Chang evelytime; he one was your of35
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