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and a drinkthedregs kink; wurstmeats for chumps and cowcar-1
lows for scullions; when he plies for our favour is very trolly2
ours; two psychic espousals and three desertions; may be matter3
of fact now but was futter of magd then; Cattermole Hill, ex-4
mountain of flesh was reared up by stress and sank under strain;5
tank it up, dank it up, tells the tailor to his tout; entoutcas for a6
man, but bit a thimble for a maid; blimp, blump; a dud letter, a sing7
a song a sylble; a byword, a sentence with surcease; while stands8
his canyouseehim frails shall fall; was hatched at Cellbridge but9
ejoculated abrood; as it gan in the biguinnengs so wound up in10
a battle of Boss; Roderick, Roderick, Roderick, O, you've gone11
the way of the Danes; variously catalogued, regularly regrouped;12
a bushboys holoday, a quacker's mating, a wenches' sandbath;13
the same homoheatherous checkinlossegg as when sollyeye airly14
blew ye; real detonation but false report; spa mad but inn sane;15
half emillian via bogus census but a no street hausmann when16
allphannd; is the handiest of all andies and a most alleghant spot17
to dump your hump; hands his secession to the new patricius but18
plumps plebmatically for the bloody old centuries; eats with19
doors open and ruts with gates closed; some dub him Rotshield20
and more limn him Rockyfellow; shows he's fly to both demis-21
fairs but thries to cover up his tracers; seven dovecotes cooclaim22
to have been pigeonheim to this homer, Smerrnion, Rhoebok,23
Kolonsreagh, Seapoint, Quayhowth, Ashtown, Ratheny; inde-24
pendent of the lordship of chamberlain, acknowledging the rule25
of Rome; we saw thy farm at Useful Prine, Domhnall, Domhnall;26
reeks like Illbelpaese and looks like Iceland's ear; lodged at quot27
places, lived through tot reigns; takes a szumbath for his weekend28
and a wassarnap for his refreskment; after a good bout at stool-29
ball enjoys Giroflee Giroflaa; what Nevermore missed and30
Colombo found; believes in everyman his own goaldkeeper and31
in Africa for the fullblacks; the arc of his drive was forty full32
and his stumps were pulled at eighty; boasts him to the thick-in-33
thews the oldest creater in Aryania and looks down on the Suiss34
family Collesons whom he calls les nouvelles roches; though his35
heart, soul and spirit turn to pharaoph times, his love, faith and36