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a horologe unstoppable and the Benn of all bells; fuit, isst and1
herit and though he's mildewstaned he's mouldystoned; is a quer-2
cuss in the forest but plane member for Megalopolis; mountun-3
mighty, faunonfleetfoot; plank in our platform, blank in our4
scouturn; hidal, in carucates he is enumerated, hold as an earl,5
he counts; shipshaped phrase of buglooking words with a form6
like the easing moments of a graminivorous; to our dooms7
brought he law, our manoirs he made his vill of; was an over-8
grind to the underground and acqueduced for fierythroats; sends9
boys in socks acoughawhooping when he lets farth his carbon-10
oxside and silk stockings show her shapings when he looses hose11
on hers; stocks dry puder for the Ill people and pinkun's pellets12
for all the Pale; gave his mundyfoot to Miserius, her pinch to13
Anna Livia, that superfine pigtail to Cerisia Cerosia and quid14
rides to Titius, Caius and Sempronius; made the man who had15
no notion of shopkeepers feel he'd rather play the duke than play16
the gentleman; shot two queans and shook three caskles when17
he won his game of dwarfs; fumes inwards like a strombolist till18
he smokes at both ends; manmote, befier of him, womankind,19
pietad!; shows one white drift of snow among the gorsegrowth20
of his crown and a chaperon of repentance on that which shed21
gore; pause and quies, triple bill; went by metro for the polis and22
then hoved by; to the finders, hail! woa, you that seek!; whom23
fillth had plenished, dearth devoured; hock is leading, cocoa comes24
next, emery tries for the flag; can dance the O'Bruin's polerpasse25
at Noolahn to his own orchistruss accompaniment; took place26
before the internatural convention of catholic midwives and27
found stead before the congress for the study of endonational28
calamities; makes a delictuous entrée and finishes off the course29
between sweets and savouries; flouts for forecasts, flairs for finds30
and the fun of the fray on the fairground; cleared out three hun-31
dred sixty five idles to set up one all khalassal for henwives hoping32
to have males; the flawhoolagh, the grasping one, the kindler of33
paschal fire; forbids us our trespassers as we forgate him; the34
phoenix be his pyre, the cineres his sire!; piles big pelium on35
little ossas like the pilluls of hirculeads; has an eatupus complex36