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of rotables, toll of the road; bred manyheaded stepsons for one1
leapyourown taughter; is too funny for a fish and has too much2
outside for an insect; like a heptagon crystal emprisoms trues and3
fauss for us; is infinite swell in unfitting induments; once was he4
shovelled and once was he arsoned and once was he inundered5
and she hung him out billbailey; has a quadrant in his tile to tell6
Toler cad a'clog it is; offers chances to Long on but stands up7
to Legge before; found coal at the end of his harrow and moss-8
roses behind the seams; made a fort out of his postern and wrote9
F.E.R.T. on his buckler; is escapemaster-in-chief from all sorts10
of houdingplaces; if he outharrods against barkers, to the shool-11
bred he acts whiteley; was evacuated at the mere appearance of12
three germhuns and twice besieged by a sweep; from zoomor-13
phology to omnianimalism he is brooched by the spin of a coin;14
towers, an eddistoon amid the lampless, casting swannbeams on15
the deep; threatens thunder upon malefactors and sends whispers16
up fraufrau's froufrous; when Dook Hookbackcrook upsits his17
ass booseworthies jeer and junket but they boos him oos and baas18
his aas when he lukes like Hunkett Plunkett; by sosannsos and19
search a party on a lady of this city; business, reading news-20
paper, smoking cigar, arranging tumblers on table, eating meals,21
pleasure, etcetera, etcetera, pleasure, eating meals, arranging tum-22
blers on table, smoking cigar, reading newspaper, business;23
minerals, wash and brush up, local views, juju toffee, comic and24
birthdays cards; those were the days and he was their hero; pink25
sunset shower, red clay cloud, sorrow of Sahara, oxhide on Iren;26
arraigned and attainted, listed and lited, pleaded and proved;27
catches his check at banck of Indgangd and endurses his doom at28
chapel exit; brain of the franks, hand of the christian, tongue of29
the north; commands to dinner and calls the bluff; has a block at30
Morgen's and a hatache all the afternunch; plays gehamerat when31
he's ernst but misses mausey when he's lustyg; walked as far as32
the Head where he sat in state as the Rump; shows Early Eng-33
lish tracemarks and a marigold window with manigilt lights, a34
myrioscope, two remarkable piscines and three wellworthseeing35
ambries; arches all portcullised and his nave dates from dots; is36