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fact that it was but pierced butnot punctured (in the university1
sense of the term) by numerous stabs and foliated gashes made2
by a pronged instrument. These paper wounds, four in type,3
were gradually and correctly understood to mean stop, please4
stop, do please stop, and O do please stop respectively, and5
following up their one true clue, the circumflexuous wall of a6
singleminded men's asylum, accentuated by bi tso fb rok engl7
a ssan dspl itch ina,       Yard inquiries pointed out      > that they8
ad bîn "provoked" ay //  fork, of à grave Brofèsor; àth é's Brèak9
      fast       table; ; acùtely profèssionally piquéd, to=introdùce a10
notion of time [ùpon à plane (?) sù ' ' fàç'e'] by pùnct! ingh oles 11
(sic) in iSpace?! Deeply religious by nature and position, and12
warmly attached to Thee, and smearbread and better and Him13
and newlaidills, it was rightly suspected that such ire could not14
have been visited by him Brotfressor Prenderguest even under-15
wittingly, upon the ancestral pneuma of one whom, with rheuma,16
he venerated shamelessly at least once a week at Cockspur Com-17
mon as his apple in his eye and her first boys' best friend and,18
though plain English for a married lady misled heaps by the way,19
yet when some peerer or peeress detected that the fourleaved20
shamrock or quadrifoil jab was more recurrent wherever the21
script was clear and the term terse and that these two were the22
selfsame spots naturally selected for her perforations by Dame23
Partlet on her dungheap, thinkers all put grown in waterung-24
spillfull Pratiland only and a playful fowl and musical me and25
not you in any case, two and two together, and, with a swarm26
of bisses honeyhunting after, a sigh for shyme (O, the petty-27
bonny rouge!) separated modest mouths. So be it. And it was.28
The lettermaking of the explots of Fjorgn Camhelsson when he29
was in the Kvinnes country with Soldru's men. With acknow-30
ledgment of our fervour of the first instant he remains years most31
fainfully. For postscrapt see spoils. Though not yet had the sailor32
sipped that sup nor the humphar foamed to the fill. And fox and33
geese still kept the peace around L'Auberge du Père Adam.34
    Small need after that, old Jeromesolem, old Huffsnuff, old 35
Andycox, old Olecasandrum, for quizzing your weekenders come36