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ampersands under which we can glypse at and feel for ourselves1
across all those rushyears the warm soft short pants of the quick-2
scribbler: the vocative lapse from which it begins and the accu-3
sative hole in which it ends itself; the aphasia of that heroic agony4
of recalling a once loved number leading slip by slipper to a5
general amnesia of misnomering one's own: next those ars, rrrr!6
those ars all bellical, the highpriest's hieroglyph of kettletom and7
oddsbones, wrasted redhandedly from our hallowed rubric prayer8
for truce with booty, O'Remus pro Romulo, and rudely from the9
fane's pinnacle tossed down by porter to within an aim's ace of10
their quatrain of rubyjets among Those Who arse without the11
Temple nor since Roe's Distillery burn'd have quaff'd Night's12
firefill'd Cup But jig jog jug as Day the Dicebox Throws, whang,13
loyal six I lead, out wi'yer heart's bluid, blast ye, and there she's14
for you, sir, whang her, the fine ooman, rouge to her lobster15
locks, the rossy, whang, God and O'Mara has it with his ruddy16
old Villain Rufus, wait, whang, God and you're another he17
hasn't for there's my spoil five of spuds's trumps, whang, whack18
on his pigsking's Kisser for him, K.M. O'Mara where are you?;19
then (coming over to the left aisle corner down) the cruciform20
postscript from which three basia or shorter and smaller oscula21
have been overcarefully scraped away, plainly inspiring the tene-22
brous Tunc page of the Book of Kells (and then it need not be23
lost sight of that there are exactly three squads of candidates for24
the crucian rose awaiting their turn in the marginal panels of25
Columkiller, chugged in their three ballotboxes, then set apart for26
such hanging committees, where two was enough for anyone,27
starting with old Matthew himself, as he with great distinction28
said then just as since then people speaking have fallen into the29
custom, when speaking to a person, of saying two is company30
when the third person is the person darkly spoken of, and then31
that last labiolingual basium might be read as a suavium if who-32
ever the embracer then was wrote with a tongue in his (or per-33
haps her) cheek as the case may have been then) and the fatal34
droopadwindle slope of the blamed scrawl, a sure sign of imper-35
fectible moral blindness; the toomuchness, the fartoomanyness36