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his Claudian brother, is it worth while interrupting to say?      1
throughout the papyrus as the revise mark) stalks all over the2
page, broods F  sensationseeking an idea, amid the verbiage,3
gaunt, stands dejectedly in the diapered window margin, with4
its basque of bayleaves all aflutter about its forksfrogs, paces5
with a frown, jerking to and fro, flinging phrases here, there, or6
returns inhibited, with some half-halted suggestion, F, dragging7
its shoestring; the curious warning sign before our protoparent's8
ipsissima verba (a very pure nondescript, by the way, sometimes9
a palmtailed otter, more often the arbutus fruitflowerleaf of the10
cainapple) which paleographers call a leak in the thatch or the11
Aranman ingperwhis through the hole of his hat, indicating that the13
words which follow may be taken in any order desired, hole of13
Aran man the hat through the whispering his ho (here keen14
again and begin again to make soundsense and sensesound kin15
again); those haughtypitched disdotted aiches easily of the rariest16
inasdroll as most of the jaywalking eyes we do plough into halve,17
unconnected, principial, medial or final, always jims in the jam,18
sahib, as pipless as threadworms: the innocent exhibitionism of19
those frank yet capricious underlinings: that strange exotic serpen-20
tine, since so properly banished from our scripture, about as freak-21
wing a wetterhand now as to see a rightheaded ladywhite don a22
corkhorse, which, in its invincible insolence ever longer more and23
of more morosity, seems to uncoil spirally and swell lacertinelazily24
before our eyes under pressure of the writer's hand; the ungainly25
musicianlessness so painted in sculpting selfsounder ah ha as26
blackartful as a podatus and dumbfounder oh ho oaproariose as27
ten canons in skelterfugue: the studious omission of year number28
and era name from the date, the one and only time when our29
copyist seems at least to have grasped the beauty of restraint; the30
lubricitous conjugation of the last with the first: the gipsy mat-31
ing of a grand stylish gravedigging with secondbest buns (an in-32
terpolation: these munchables occur only in the Bootherbrowth33
family of MSS., Bb       Cod IV, Pap II, Brek XI, Lun III, Dinn34
XVII, Sup XXX, Fullup M D C X C: the scholiast has hungrily35
misheard a deadman's toller as a muffinbell): the four shortened36