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taken for pews with their tails in their mouths, thence your1
pristopher polombos, hence our Kat Kresbyterians; the curt2
witty wotty dashes never quite just right at the trim trite3
truth letter; the sudden spluttered petulance of some capItalIsed4
mIddle; a word as cunningly hidden in its maze of confused5
drapery as a fieldmouse in a nest of coloured ribbons: that ab-6
surdly bullsfooted bee declaring with an even plainer dummp-7
show than does the mute commoner with us how hard a thing it8
is to mpe mporn a gentlerman: and look at this prepronominal9
funferal, engraved and retouched and edgewiped and pudden-10
padded, very like a whale's egg farced with pemmican, as were it11
sentenced to be nuzzled over a full trillion times for ever and a12
night till his noddle sink or swim by that ideal reader suffering13
from an ideal insomnia: all those red raddled obeli cayennepep-14
percast over the text, calling unnecessary attention to errors,15
omissions, repetitions and misalignments: that (probably local or16
personal) variant maggers for the more generally accepted ma-17
jesty which is but a trifle and yet may quietly amuse: those super-18
ciliouslooking crisscrossed Greek ees awkwardlike perched there19
and here out of date like sick owls hawked back to Athens: and20
the geegees too, jesuistically formed at first but afterwards genu-21
flected aggrily toewards the occident: the Ostrogothic kako-22
graphy affected for certain phrases of Etruscan stabletalk and, in23
short, the learning betrayed at almost every line's end: the head-24
strength (at least eleven men of thirtytwo palfrycraft) revealed25
by a constant labour to make a ghimel pass through the eye of an26
iota: this, for instance, utterly unexpected sinistrogyric return to27
one peculiar sore point in the past; those throne open doubleyous28
(of an early muddy terranean origin whether man chooses to29
damn them agglutinatively loo       too       blue       face       ache or30
illvoodawpeehole or, kants koorts, topplefouls) seated with such31
floprightdown determination and reminding uus ineluctably of32
nature at her naturalest while that fretful fidget eff, the hornful33
digamma of your bornabarbar, rarely heard now save when falling34
from the unfashionable lipsus of some hetarosexual (used always35
in two boldfaced print types       one of them as wrongheaded as36