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affect, as singsing so Salaman susuing to swittvitles while as un-1
bluffingly blurtubruskblunt as an Esra, the cat, the cat's meeter,2
the meeter's cat's wife, the meeter's cat's wife's half better, the3
meeter's cat's wife's half better's meeter, and so back to our4
horses, for we also know, what we have perused from the pages5
of I Was A Gemral, that Showting up of Bulsklivism by 'Schot-6
tenboum', that Father Michael about this red time of the white7
terror equals the old regime and Margaret is the social revolution8
while cakes mean the party funds and dear thank you signifies9
national gratitude. In fine, we have heard, as it happened, of10
Spartacus intercellular. We are not corknered yet, dead hand!11
We can recall, with voluntears, the froggy jew, and sweeter far12
'twere now westhinks in Dumbil's fair city ere one more year is13
o'er. We tourned our coasts to the good gay tunes. When from14
down swords the sea merged the oldowth guns and answer made15
the bold O' Dwyer. But. Est modest in verbos. Let a prostitute16
be whoso stands before a door and winks or parks herself in the17
fornix near a makeussin wall (sinsin! sinsin!) and the curate one18
who brings strong waters (gingin! gingin!), but also, and dinna19
forget, that there is many asleeps between someathome's first20
and moreinausland's last and that the beautiful presence of wait-21
ing kates will until life's (!) be more than enough to make any22
milkmike in the language of sweet tarts punch hell's hate into his23
twin nicky and that Maggy's tea, or your majesty, if heard as a24
boost from a born gentleman is (?). For if the lingo gasped between25
kicksheets, however basically English, were to be preached from26
the mouths of wickerchurchwardens and metaphysicians in the27
row and advokaatoes, allvoyous, demivoyelles, languoaths, les-28
biels, dentelles, gutterhowls and furtz, where would their prac-29
tice be or where the human race itself were the Pythagorean ses-30
quipedalia of the panepistemion, however apically Volapucky,31
grunted and gromwelled, ichabod, habakuk, opanoff, uggamyg,32
hapaxle, gomenon, ppppfff, over country stiles, behind slated33
dwellinghouses, down blind lanes, or, when all fruit fails, under34
some sacking left on a coarse cart?35
    So hath been, love: tis tis: and will be: till wears and tears and36