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pal whatholoosed on the run, what Cadman could but Badman20
wouldn't, any Genoaman against any Venis, and why Kate takes21
charge of the waxworks.22
    Let us now, weather, health, dangers, public orders and other 23
circumstances permitting, of perfectly convenient, if you police,24
after you, policepolice, pardoning mein, ich beam so fresch, bey?25
drop this jiggerypokery and talk straight turkey meet to mate, for26
while the ear, be we mikealls or nicholists, may sometimes be in-27
clined to believe others the eye, whether browned or nolensed,28
find it devilish hard now and again even to believe itself. Habes29
aures et num videbis? Habes oculos ac mannepalpabuat? Tip! Draw-30
ing nearer to take our slant at it (since after all it has met with31
misfortune while all underground), let us see all there may remain32
to be seen.33
    I am a worker, a tombstone mason, anxious to pleace avery- 34
buries and jully glad when Christmas comes his once ayear. You35
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