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Here let a few artifacts fend in their own favour. The river felt 1
she wanted salt. That was just where Brien came in. The country2
asked for bearspaw for dindin! And boundin aboundin it got it3
surly. We who live under heaven, we of the clovery kingdom,4
we middlesins people have often watched the sky overreaching5
the land. We suddenly have. Our isle is Sainge. The place. That6
stern chuckler Mayhappy Mayhapnot, once said to repeation7
in that lutran conservatory way of his that Isitachapel-Asitalukin8
was the one place, ult aut nult, in this madh vaal of tares (whose9
verdhure's yellowed therever Phaiton parks his car while its10
tamelised tay is the drame of Drainophilias) where the possible11
was the improbable and the improbable the inevitable. If the pro-12
verbial bishop of our holy and undivided with this me ken or no13
me ken Zot is the Quiztune havvermashed had his twoe nails14
on the head we are in for a sequentiality of improbable possibles15
though possibly nobody after having grubbed up a lock of cwold16
cworn aboove his subject probably in Harrystotalies or the vivle17
will go out of his way to applaud him on the onboiassed back of18
his remark for utterly impossible as are all these events they are19
probably as like those which may have taken place as any others20
which never took person at all are ever likely to be. Ahahn!21
    About that original hen. Midwinter (fruur or kuur?) was in the 22
offing and Premver a promise of a pril when, as kischabrigies sang23
life's old sahatsong, an iceclad shiverer, merest of bantlings ob-24
served a cold fowl behaviourising strangely on that fatal midden25
or chip factory or comicalbottomed copsjute (dump for short)26
afterwards changed into the orangery when in the course of27
deeper demolition unexpectedly one bushman's holiday its limon28
threw up a few spontaneous fragments of orangepeel, the last29
remains of an outdoor meal by some unknown sunseeker or place-30
hider illico way back in his mistridden past. What child of a strand-31
looper but keepy little Kevin in the despondful surrounding of32
such sneezing cold would ever have trouved up on a strate that33
was called strete a motive for future saintity by euchring the34
finding of the Ardagh chalice by another heily innocent and35
beachwalker whilst trying with pious clamour to wheedle Tip-36