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anyhow? Erect, beseated, mountback, against a partywall, below1
freezigrade, by the use of quill or style, with turbid or pellucid2
mind, accompanied or the reverse by mastication, interrupted3
by visit of seer to scribe or of scribe to site, atwixt two showers4
or atosst of a trike, rained upon or blown around, by a right-5
down regular racer from the soil or by a too pained whittlewit6
laden with the loot of learning?7
    Now, patience; and remember patience is the great thing, and 8
above all things else we must avoid anything like being or be-9
coming out of patience. A good plan used by worried business10
folk who may not have had many momentums to master Kung's11
doctrine of the meang or the propriety codestruces of Carpri-12
mustimus is just to think of all the sinking fund of patience pos-13
sessed in their conjoint names by both brothers Bruce with whom14
are incorporated their Scotch spider and Elberfeld's Calculating15
Horses. If after years upon years of delving in ditches dark one16
tubthumper more than others, Kinihoun or Kahanan, giardarner17
or mear measenmanonger, has got up for the darnall same pur-18
pose of reassuring us with all the barbar of the Carrageehouse19
that our great ascendant was properly speaking three syllables20
less than his own surname (yes, yes, less!), that the ear of Fionn21
Earwicker aforetime was the trademark of a broadcaster with22
wicker local jargon for an ace's patent (Hear! Calls! Everywhair!)23
then as to this radiooscillating epiepistle to which, cotton, silk or24
samite, kohol, gall or brickdust, we must ceaselessly return, where-25
abouts exactly at present in Siam, Hell or Tophet under that26
glorisol which plays touraloup with us in this Aludin's Cove of27
our cagacity is that bright soandsuch to slip us the dinkum oil?28
    Naysayers we know. To conclude purely negatively from the 29
positive absence of political odia and monetary requests that its30
page cannot ever have been a penproduct of a man or woman of31
that period or those parts is only one more unlookedfor conclu-32
sion leaped at, being tantamount to inferring from the nonpre-33
sence of inverted commas (sometimes called quotation marks)34
on any page that its author was always constitutionally incapable35
of misappropriating the spoken words of others.36