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    Dispersal women wondered. Was she fast? 1
    Do tell us all about. As we want to hear allabout. So tellus tel- 2
las allabouter. The why or whether she looked alottylike like3
ussies and whether he had his wimdop like themses shut? Notes4
and queries, tipbids and answers, the laugh and the shout, the5
ards and downs. Now listed to one aneither and liss them down6
and smoothen out your leaves of rose. The war is o'er. Wimwim7
wimwim! Was it Unity Moore or Estella Swifte or Varina Fay8
or Quarta Quaedam? Toemaas, mark oom for yor ounckel! Pig-9
eys, hold op med yer leg! Who, but who (for second time of10
asking) was then the scourge of the parts about folkrich Luca-11
lizod it was wont to be asked, as, in ages behind of the Homo12
Capite Erectus, what price Peabody's money, or, to put it13
bluntly, whence is the herringtons' white cravat, as, in epochs14
more cainozoic, who struck Buckley though nowadays as then-15
times every schoolfilly of sevenscore moons or more who knows16
her intimologies and every colleen bawl aroof and every red-17
flammelwaving warwife and widowpeace upon Dublin Wall for18
ever knows as yayas is yayas how it was Buckleyself (we need19
no blooding paper to tell it neither) who struck and the Russian20
generals, da! da!, instead of Buckley who was caddishly struck21
by him when be herselves. What fullpried paulpoison in the spy22
of three castles or which hatefilled smileyseller? And that such23
a vetriol of venom, that queen's head affranchisant, a quiet stink-24
ingplaster zeal could cover, prepostered or postpaid! The lounge-25
lizards of the pumproom had their nine days' jeer, and pratsch-26
kats at their platschpails too and holenpolendom beside, Szpasz-27
pas Szpissmas, the zhanyzhonies, when, still believing in her28
owenglass, when izarres were twinklins, that the upper reaches29
of her mouthless face and her impermanent waves were the better30
half of her, one nearer him, dearer than all, first warming creature31
of his early morn, bondwoman of the man of the house, and32
murrmurr of all the mackavicks, she who had given his eye for33
her bed and a tooth for a child till one one and one ten and one34
hundred again, O me and O ye! cadet and prim, the hungray and35
anngreen (and if she is older now than her teeth she has hair that36