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beetly dead whether by land whither by water. Transocean1
atalaclamoured him; The latter! The latter! Shall their hope then2
be silent or Macfarlane lack of lamentation? He lay under leagues3
of it in deep Bartholoman's Deep.4
    Achdung! Pozor! Attenshune! Vikeroy Besights Smucky 5
Yung Pigeschoolies. Tri Paisdinernes Eventyr Med Lochlanner6
Fathach I Fiounnisgehaven. Bannalanna Bangs Ballyhooly Out7
Of Her Buddaree Of A Bullavogue.8
    But, their bright little contemporaries notwithstanding, on 9
the morrowing morn of the suicidal murder of the unrescued ex-10
patriate, aslike as asnake comes sliduant down that oaktree onto11
the duke of beavers, (you may have seen some liquidamber exude12
exotic from a balsam poplar at Parteen-a-lax Limestone. Road13
and cried Abies Magnifica! not, noble fir?) a quarter of nine,14
imploring his resipiency, saw the infallible spike of smoke's jutstiff15
punctual from the seventh gable of our Quintus Centimachus'16
porphyroid buttertower and then thirsty p.m. with oaths upon17
his lastingness (En caecos harauspices! Annos longos patimur!) the18
lamps of maintenance, beaconsfarafield innerhalf the zuggurat, all19
brevetnamed, the wasting wyvern, the tawny of his mane, the20
swinglowswaying bluepaw, the outstanding man, the lolllike lady,21
being litten for the long (O land, how long!) lifesnight, with22
suffusion of fineglass transom and leadlight panes.23
    Wherefore let it hardly by any being thinking be said either or 24
thought that the prisoner of that sacred edifice, were he an Ivor25
the Boneless or an Olaf the Hide, was at his best a onestone par-26
able, a rude breathing on the void of to be, a venter hearing his27
own bauchspeech in backwords, or, more strictly, but tristurned28
initials, the cluekey to a worldroom beyond the roomwhorld, for29
scarce one, or pathetically few of his dode canal sammenlivers30
cared seriously or for long to doubt with Kurt Iuld van Dijke31
(the gravitational pull perceived by certain fixed residents and32
the capture of uncertain comets chancedrifting through our sys-33
tem suggesting an authenticitatem of his aliquitudinis) the canoni-34
city of his existence as a tesseract. Be still, O quick! Speak him35
dumb! Hush ye fronds of Ulma!36