First Year in
Environmental & Resource Science/Studies

The first year course for the Environmental & Resource Science/Studiesdegrees include two 0.5 credit courses.  Here are their descriptions from the Trent University Calendar:

  • ERSC 1010H: Foundations of Environmental Science and Studies
    An interdisciplinary inquiry into the biophysical and social foundations that enable the study of environmental issues, emphasizing the scientific, political, social, economic, and historical dimensions of environmental issues.  These dimensions are examined through a series of issues including climate change, air pollution, land and resource use, biodiversity and protected areas, contaminants, and water quality and quantity.

  • ERSC 1020H: Cases in Environmental Science and Studies

    An interdisciplinary exploration of how humans use, affect, and protect the environment.  Through in-depth case studies on environmental and/or resource issues, the complex interrelationships between humans and the environment will be explored using scientific, social, political, economic, and numerical approaches.

These courses are designed to introduce students to a range of concepts and knowledge required for upper-year Environmental & Resource Science/Studies degree courses, to explore contemporary environmental issues, and to improve environmental literacy. A team of Trent School of the Environment instructors teach these courses, exposing students to a wide range of expertise and fields of study.  Students attend lectures, seminars, and complete various assignments and an end of course exam.  Many of the assignments and in-course activities involve getting out into the environment to study issues first hand.

The ERSC 1010H and 1020H courses are required for several degrees, iincluding:

(For information on all the Trent School of the Environment degrees, visit the TSE Academic Programs web page.)

These courses are also recommended for a student majoring in B.Sc. Biology.  You will also find these courses are prerequisites for several year 2, 3, and 4 Trent University courses, both within and outside the degrees above.

For More Information

Course notes, assignments, and other details are available to enrolled students via myTrent >> Blackboard. You may find additional information about Environmental and Resource Science/Studies courses on our Courses page.  If you have any other questions, please contact the Trent School of the Environment.


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