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Welcome Future Students

Considering a degree at Trent University? You’ve made a great choice. Trent University is a wonderful place to pursue your academic journey.

A Hub of Learning and Innovation

Building on a tradition of academic excellence spanning nearly four decades, Trent Durham offers a dynamic and rigorous education experience grounded in the social sciences and humanities and unparalleled in the Durham Region and eastern GTA.

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Transfer Pathways

Transfer to Trent University Durham from College & win a $500 award*. Maximize your credit potential.

*Click here for all award details.

Find your path to Trent University Durham

Completing a University degree is a milestone that expands your opportunities both personally and professionally. Trent University Durham wants to help you achieve your degree completion goals by being a leader in transfer agreements, pathway options and transfer credits. Whether you are looking to expand on your skills obtained in a College environment or are seeking a change to a new University setting Trent University Durham is a great choice in continuing your education.

Understanding Your Options

Transfer opportunities vary based on your previous post-secondary education. The receipt of transfer credits recognize post-secondary level academic work successfully completed at an accredited College or University. The three types of transfer credits are:

Assigned Credits Unassigned Departmental Credits Unassigned General Credits
An exact course equivalent, or “assigned credit” is granted when the curriculum in a course at another university or college is very similar to a course at Trent University. A discipline equivalent, or unassigned departmental credits, is granted when the course material is comparable with the subject material in a discipline at Trent University, but for which there is not an equivalent course. An unassigned general credit would be granted when the level of the course is equivalent, but the subject is not taught at Trent.

NOTE: All transfer credits are recorded as a “pass” grade. Numerical grades are not entered on the student record.

Below you will find information for students interested in transferring from college either through a transfer agreement or outside of a defined pathway.

If you are from another University and are interested in transferring to Trent click here.

College Pathways

Trent University Durham has several transfer agreements with Colleges across Ontario and are continually developing more to widen the opportunity for student pathways. Transfer agreements define transfer credits received and degree completion requirements for qualified graduates of specific programming. See below for pathways for admission into programming offered at Trent University Durham.

Transfer Agreement Opportunities at Trent University Durham

The following agreements are available at Trent University Durham. For specific terms and regulations pertaining to transfer agreements and pathways to programming at the Peterborough campus please click here


Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor Business Administration

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Social Work


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor Business Administration

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Social Work


Bachelor Business Administration

Bachelor of Social Work


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Social Work


Bachelor of Social Work

Transferring Outside of an Agreement

If you are applying to Trent University outside of a transfer agreement, college courses with a minimum grade of 70% will be assessed for transfer credit eligibility on a course-by-course basis:

  • Graduates of a two-year academic college program may receive approximately 5.0 transfer credits
  • Graduates of a three-year academic college program may receive approximately 7.5 transfer credits

NOTE: Some degree programs are not available to transfer students at this time. Please visit here for details.