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Message from the Dean

Some students study the humanities because they love its subject matter. They want to converse and write about history, literature, philosophy, language, and culture. They want to explore the diversity of human values and learn more about human strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments and misdeeds. They want to question the world and work for positive change.

Students also study humanities subjects to acquire skills needed in the workplace and beyond. Education in the humanities emphasizes independent, rigorous thought and clear, elegant communication. It focuses on the development of discerning judgment, compassionate understanding, and effective decision-making. Such skills are broadly applicable and in great demand. And when nurtured, they last a lifetime.  

Whatever one’s reasons for choosing the humanities, study in this area is needed to create a better world. To build fulfilling lives, humane workplaces, and wonderful communities, we need people who understand the problems of humanity and provide solutions. We need perceptive, caring, courageous thinkers.

As Dean of Humanities, I am delighted to support students and faculty in the pursuit of these goals.


Dean of Arts and Science - Humanities
Colleen O'Manique 
phone: 705-748-1011 ext. 6141



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