Emphasis in Theatre Studies

Emphasis Coordinator: Stephen Brown - English Dept.

The Departments of Ancient History and Classics, Cultural Studies, English Literature, Indigenous Studies and Modern Languages and Literatures are pleased to offer a multi-departmental Emphasis program in Theatre Studies starting September 2011.  The transcripts of students graduating with an Honours or General degree, who have successfully completed the requirements of the Emphasis, will contain the notation “with an Emphasis in Theatre Studies.” available to students in any General or Honours program.
The Emphasis in Theatre Studies consists of at least 6.0 credits including:

–    2.0 credits from Category A (Performance)

–    2.0 credits from Category B (History, Text, Theory)

–    2.0 additional credits from those listed below

–    at least 3.0 of the total 6.0 credits must be from different academic disciplines

Category A (Performance)

AHCL 3301H

CUST 2572H, 3070Y, 3175Y, 4070Y

ENGL 2152Y/2153H, 2811H

INDG 2010H, 2020H, 2110Y, 3010H, 3030H, 3860Y

Category B (History, Text, Theory)

AHCL 2301H, 2302H, 2305H*, 2300Y*

CUST 2070Y

ENGL 2150Y/2151H, 2804Y/2805H 2809H, 3123H, 3153H, 3202Y/3203H, 4150Y/4151H, 4804Y/4805H

One (1.0) of the following credits may count as a Category B option:

FREN 3170Y*, 3172H, 3200Y, 3202H

FREN-CAST 3230Y*, 3231H, 4230Y

HSST 3120H*

* no longer offered

For more information about individual courses follow these links to the individual Departments’ course lists:
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Scene from Arabian Night by Roland Schimmelpgennig, translated by David Tushingham.

Directed by Dr. Diana Manole (2012).