CUST 1500H: Introduction to the Study of Modern Culture

Special Focus 2014: Sites and Sounds : thinking naturally, thinking culturally. Introduction to the field of cultural studies by way of an interdisciplinary investigation into some "common sense" understandings of everyday life. Discussions of a range of creative and critical materials that open up the such topics as sight, sound, space, time, body, and mind, the course unpacks the tricky nature/culture relationship, and examines to what extent that which seems to be "natural" might prove to be "cultural."

Excludes CUST 1000Y (100)

CUST 1510H: Introduction to the Integrated Arts

Introduces students to the historical, theoretical, and comparative study of the integrated arts —visual art, film, theatre, and music. Combines lectures, workshops, and events that include film screenings, performances, and field trip. The course has a special focus each year. For details, see

Excludes CUST 1000Y (100).

CUST 1520H: Introduction to World Literature

Introduction to the study of literature in a global context. Spanning antiquity and modernity, East and West, we consider English translations of great works in relation to culture, history, and other forms of media and expression.  The course has a special focus each year. For details, see Field trip fee.

Excludes CUST 1000Y (100).

CUST 1535H: Introduction to Media Studies

An introduction to media studies that starts with students’ own experiences of contemporary media. It seeks to give students an understanding of these media and how they emerged. Leads into second-year courses in the history and theory of media, in changing media practices, and in digital culture.

Excludes CUST 1035Y.

* Two of these half courses must be taken to earn the first year degree requirements.


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