Doug Torgerson

E-Mail: dtorgerson@trentu.ca


Doug Torgerson graduated with a BA in political philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley, moving on to receive a Master of Environmental Studies degree from York as well as an MA and PhD in political science from the University of Toronto.

He is interested in the intersection of cultural and political theory, especially in regard to how the meaning of the political is increasingly being thrown into question. Political action, more precisely, has come to include cultural and aesthetic dimensions as well as instrumental ones. In his recent work he has addressed the meaning of the political particularly in connection with the cultural politics evident in the discourses of public spheres and social movements, examining these discourses in terms of their cultural tensions and strategic orientations. His work on these topics has substantially focused on the green movement, as in such publications as "Comedy and Tragedy in Green Politics," a chapter of his book The Promise of Green Politics: Environmentalism and the Public Sphere (Duke UP, 1999); "Images of Place in Green Politics: The Cultural Mirror of Indigenous Traditions," in Living with Nature: Environmental Politics as Cultural Discourse, F. Fisher and M. Hajer, eds. (Oxford UP, 1999); and "Farewell to the Green Movement? Political Action and the Green Public Sphere," Environmental Politics (2000).

Books by Doug Torgerson