Troy Bordun

E-Mail: tbordun@trentu.ca
Classes: CUST 2081Y, CUST1535H (WI) both classes in Durham

In 2015, Troy completed a PhD in Cultural Studies at Trent University. His dissertation is entitled "Genre Trouble and Extreme Cinema." Troy has published widely on contemporary cinema and the history of moving image pornography. He received his MA from Brock University in Contemporary Continental Philosophy and an HonsBA with Distinction from the University of Toronto, Philosophy Specialist, Literary Studies Minor. 

Troy's current research project continues the study of the porn genre.

During his PhD, Troy was a film-programmer for Trent Film Society. He continues to curate and program films in Peterborough, Ontario. 


Recent publications: 

Death by Hanging Contra The Battle of Algiers by way of Rancière”, The Scattered Pelican 1.2 (2016). https://thescatteredpelican.com/2016/06/10/death-by-hanging-contra-the-battle-of-algiers-by-way-of-ranciere/.

Sex is Metaphysical: Catherine Breillat’s Pornographic Films”, Cine-Excess 2 (2016). http://www.cine-excess.co.uk/sex-is-metaphysical-catherine-breillatrsquos-pornographic-films.html.

“On the Off-screen Voice: Sound and Vision in Spike Jonze’s Her”, CineAction 98 (2016): 57-64.

“Porn in the Art Gallery: Collecting a Genre” [forum], Porn Studies, April 20 (2016): 1-3.

“What becomes of Endings on Film? Elysium, Mad Max: Fury Road, Snowpiercer” [symposium], Science Fiction Film and Television 9.1 (2016): 76-79.


“Lost Souls: The Soul of Film Theory by Sarah Cooper” [book review], Senses of Cinema 78 (2016). http://sensesofcinema.com/2016/book-reviews/the-soul-of-film-theory/.


Film Programming: Curating for Theatres, Festivals, Archives” [book review], Cineaste 41.2 (2016). http://www.cineaste.com/spring2016/film-programming-curating-for-cinemas-festivals-archives/.


“Small Gauge Revolution: A Programme of Vintage 8mm Adult Films”, organizer, curator, and moderator, The Barbeside, Peterborough, ON, January 9, 2016 and March 11, 2016.


"The Troy Bordun Visiting Canadian Filmmaker: Bruce LaBruce", organizer, Market Hall, Peterborough, ON and Traill College, Trent University, February 25-26, 2016.