Ian McLachlan

Classes: CUST 3573H (WI), CUST 4070Y (FA)

Professor Emeritus

Ian McLachlan is a poet, novelist, actor, and playwright who is also a literary scholar with far-reaching publications on 20th century writers like Bertolt Brecht and Ezra Pound. He found inspiration in Chinese and other cultures whose languages he has taken the trouble to work in.

After earning an MA at Oxford, he founded the Comparative Literature department at the University of Hong Kong, where he developed a concern for Asia as revealed in his Shanghai 1949, his translations of Chinese and Vietnamese poetry, and his In the Margins of the Empire: Reading Cambodia, as well as a forthcoming novel. McLachlan's earlier novels are The Seventh Hexagram (1976), which Mordecai Richler qualified as "the brilliant debut of an enormously talented novelist," and Helen in Exile (1980), published in New York and Toronto.

Locally, Ian McLachlan is active as a writer, producer, director and performer with several multimedia works of performance such as Pioneer Chainsaw Massacre, Postscript, Lear One/One, Frankenstein Meets the Recession, as well as plays created for the Fourth Line Theatre. He is curator of visual arts exhibits such as Arts against Repression, and founding member of magazines like border/lines, which express the concern in all his work and teaching for the political power which may be mobilized through artistic creation.

Books by Ian McLachlan