Elizabeth Deeds Ermarth

E-Mail: ermarth@trentu.ca


Elizabeth Deeds Ermarth is an interdisciplinary cultural theorist who writes on the ongoing shift from modernity into postmodernity and on its implications for practice: particularly democratic political practice, and the practice of historical explanation. Related topics of interest include the changing definitions of time, individuality and agency. She holds a BA from Carleton College in Minnesota, an MA from University of California Berkeley, and a PhD from University of Chicago.

She has published many articles in the leading journals of several fields, and six books, Realism and Consensus (1983; 1989), George Eliot (1985), Sequel to History: Postmodernism and the Crisis of Representational Time (1992), The English Novel in History 1840-1895 (1997), Rewriting Democracy (2007) and History in the Discursive Condition: Reconsidering the Tools of Thought (2011) .

Before coming to Trent she was Presidential Research Professor at University of Maryland, Saintsbury Professor at University of Edinburgh (Scotland), and Cox Visiting Professor of Humanities at University of Colorado. She founded the New Hampshire (USA) Women's Political Caucus, and worked in a leadership seminar on Sustainability sponsored by the Bighorn Foundation of Colorado.

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