Zsuzsa Baross

E-Mail: zbaross@trentu.ca


Zsuzsa Baross is a cultural theorist trained at the Universities of British Columbia (BA), London (MA), and Amsterdam (PhD).

Her teaching concentrates on three major areas in cultural theory today:  Contemporary Critical Discourse and the Political; The Making of the (Post) Modern Body; and The Image and the Text.

Her research is influenced by the deconstructions of Derrida, Nancy, Lacoue-Labarthe, and Blanchot, and the transcendental empiricism of Deleuze; it interrogates the ethics of writing, the force of the image, and the complex relations that link the cinema and its apparatus to temporality, memory and history. Her publications in several journals (Angelaki, New Literary History, International Studies in Philosophy, Symposium,Derrida Today,Deleuze Studies) and anthologies (Philosophies of the Visible;Deleuze and Philosophy;Film, Theory and Philosophy) include essays on ethics and the gift, on the future and the creation of the new, on found footage cinema and cinematic temporalities.

Zsuzsa Baross has recently published a collection of her essays,Posthumously, for Jacques Derrida (http://www.sussex-academic.co.uk/sa/titles/philosophy/baross.htm). Two key journeys underpin Posthumously. The first is an exploration of Derrida and deconstruction through the unusual prism of cinema and photography, bringing into play Gilles Deleuze’s concept of creative repetition. The second journey embarks on a detailed engagement with Derrida’s oft-neglected book on drawing, Memoirs of the Blind, and provides a subversive reading of that text, arguing that its labyrinthine turns (confession, self-portrait, and mourning) obscure a secret ambition to stage the last battle between its own graphic trait and the image in full color.

Her current book project Repetitions, Reappropriations and Deconstructions  continues her double engagement with the force of the image and contemporary critical thought. It turns to works of art - painting and cinema - as privileged sites where the creation of the new finds an urgent and living expression.

Her forthcoming book is titled "Encounters: Claire Denis, Jean-Luc Nancy and Gèrard Titus-Carme"

She is the coordinator of the conference "Il y a du rapport sexuel" with Jean-Luc Nancy and Claire Denis at the Collège International de Philosophie in Paris, March 9, 2013.

The “responsable” for the seminar « Une forme qui pense ou le cinéma selon Jean-Luc Godard” at the CollègeInternational de Philosophie, Paris, Jan6-10, 2014. Program availableat the website of the College: http://www.ciph.org/activites.php?rub=agenda&date=20140106

For a CV, including a list of her publications and for a selection of her writings, click on http://Trentu.academia.edu/ZsuzsaBaross.