Joshua Synenko

E-Mail: joshuasynenko@trentu.ca

Classes: CUST 2035Y (FW) CUST 2581H (FA), CUST 4035Y (FA) CUST 2582H (WI) CUST 3532 (WI) CUST 1535H (WI)


Joshua Synenko (PhD, York) is an Assistant Professor (LTA) of Media Studies in the Department of Cultural Studies at Trent University.

In 2015, Joshua completed a dissertation entitled After Collective Memory: Postnational Europe and Socially Engaged Art. In this work, Joshua locates a series of public art interventions within diverse histories and theories of memorialization, and assesses predominant imaginaries of European “home” against a competing “translocal” activism by second and third generation European migrants.

Joshua’s current research focuses on digital cultures, media geography/geomedia, memory studies, and intersections between urban and visual studies. He has published a number of case studies that attempt to extend issues surrounding geospatial media and its impact on popular culture and urban experience by drawing from the critical practices and theories associated with collective memory. He has analyzed how geospatial media has transformed public life in cooperation with broader efforts to refurbish abandoned cities; the tendency for new media geographies to interfere with historical justice initiatives, as it has in South East Asia (i.e. Hashima Island, Japan); how crowdsourcing technologies present a danger in facilitating political extremists who wish to target migrant populations; the aesthetics of satellite imagery in relation to demands to uphold the private property rights of visual artists; and work exploring the spatial imaginaries of marginalized populations. Joshua is currently preparing a monograph entitled Mapping Power and Politics in the Digital Episteme, in which he explores the saturation of geospatial technologies in contemporary public and political life.

Joshua’s work has appeared in Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture, Drain: Journal of Contemporary Art and Culture, M/C Journal, Mediapolis: Journal of Cities and Culture, Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA; Media Theory; PhiN: Philology in the Network (Philologie im Netz); Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies; Reviews in Cultural Theory; and in edited volumes


Joshua is Vice President of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association (complit.ca), and he also serves on the Editorial Board of an international journal, Media Theory (mediatheoryjournal.org).