1.  For workshop courses - 3111Y, 3175Y, 3185Y -- students without the pre-requisites or co-requisites will not be able to register on line and must seek special department and instructor approval. Those seeking such approval should send a note to the Cultural Studies Office (email:, indicating their reasons for wanting to take the course (e.g., academic development, career goals, person interest), as well as their previous relevant experience. Names will be placed on a waiting list in the Program office. If approved is granted, the student will be notified, and must then fill out and submit an add/drop form in order to register. These forms are only available in the Cultural Studies program office at Traill College.

2. For courses with enrolment limits, including those in 2 above, any eligible students will be able to enroll until the available spaces are filled. Normally, additional spaces become available, and all eligible students should place themselves on the course waitlist using mytrent. Students on the waitlist will receive Program authorization for admission to the limited enrolment course according to the following criteria:

  1. Declared major (Cultural Studies single/joint)
  2. Academic year (graduating students given preference)
  3. Academic performance
  4. Other factors related to student academic interests
Enrollments from the waitlist may not be confirmed until August, depending on demand for admission.

3. For enrolment in 4000 series Cultural Studies courses, students will normally be joint or single honors majors in their fourth quarter, who have completed 14 university level credits. Exceptions can be made only by the permission of the instructor only, with notice to the Chair of the program. (Please note that admission to CUST 4029Y: Advanced Studies in Science Fiction for students who do not hold the pre-requisites of CUST/ENGL 2029Y or CUST/ENGL 3029Y, is possible with permission of the instructor.)

Although there is no GPA requirement to register for an honours course, students are reminded that graduation from Trent with an honours degree requires a cumulative GPA of 65%. This average includes all courses taken for credit, including honours courses.