Cultural Studies current courses by specialization.


Courses offered only in Peterborough  *

Courses offered only in Durham            **

CATEGORY A: Image, Sound, Performance

CUST 1510H: Introduciton to Integrated Arts *

CUST 2016Y: Introduction to Visual Studies *

CUST 2045Y: Music and Society *

CUST 2111Y: Drawing  *

CUST 2572H: Protest and Performance *


CUST 3142H: Workshop in Experimental Music *

CUST 3143H: Workshop in Electronic Music *

CUST 3175Y: Theatre Worksho pStaging Ideas *

CUST 3545H: Music and Medi - An Archaeology  *

CUST 3556H: Place Matters *

CUST 3572H: Workshop in Epic Theatre *

CUST 4070Y: Advanced Studies in Theatre *


CATEGORY B: Writing and Narrative

CUST 1520H: Inroduction to World Literature

CUST 2029Y: Science Fiction *


CUST 3522H: Experimental Fiction *


CUST 4523H: Narrative Adaptations *


CATEGORY C: Film Video, and Media

CUST 1535H: Introduction to Media Studies


CUST 2035Y: Media and Society *

CUST 2535H: Media and Society **

CUST 2081Y: Introduction to Film Studies *

CUST 3531H: Mass Media and War

CUST 3532H: Issues of Global Media **

CUST 3535H: Television Studies

CUST 3538H: Radio Studies **

CUST 3581H: World Cinema1: Experment and Innovation *


CUST 4035Y: Advanced topics in mass media and popular culture *

CUST 4538H: Media Ecologies

CUST 4580H: Text and Image *

CUST 4586H: Cinema in the Digital Age *


CATEGORY D: Social Thought

CUST 1500H: Study of Modern Culture

CUST 2551H: Popular Culture; Ideology, Language * 

CUST 2552H: Popular Culture; Gender, Globalizataion *

CUST 3550H: Studies in cultural theory *