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CUST 1500H: Introduction to the Study of Modern Culture

Provides an interdisciplinary approach to thinking about how we understand the practices of both “everyday life” and the roles of art works, media, and other forms of cultural expression in contemporary culture. The course changes focus from year to year. Excludes CUST 1000Y (100). Instructor: TBA


CUST 1520H: Introduction to World Literature

Introduction to the study of literature in a global context. Spanning antiquity and modernity, East and West, we consider English translations of great works in relation to culture, history, and other forms of media and expression.  The course has a special focus each year.

Excludes CUST 1000Y (100). Instructor: I. Junyk

CUST 1535H: Introduction to Media Studies

An introduction to media studies that starts with students’ own experiences of contemporary media. It seeks to give students an understanding of these media and how they emerged. Leads into second-year courses in the history and theory of media, in changing media practices, and in digital culture. Excludes CUST 1035Y.

Instructor: A. O'Connor (FA) and T. Bordun (WI)

* Two of these half courses must be taken to earn the first year degree requirements.


CUST-2081Y: Introduction to Film

Iis a wide-ranging and diverse introduction to the film medium, this course is designed to expose students to the main currents of filmmaking across the globe, to introduce central critical and theoretical concepts in film discourse, and to develop the skills required to write in an engaging and informed way about what we informally call the movies.

Instructor: T. Bordun

CUST 2535H: Media and Society

An introduction to key innovations in the media ranging from papyrus to wearable computers. Analyzes the effect these innovations have had on society from diverse perspectives, including critical interpretation,
political economy, sociology, anthropology, gender studies, and media ecology, giving students a toolbox to be used in other Media Studies courses. Prerequisite: 4.0 university credits. Students may take only one of CUST 2035Y or 2535H for credit.

CUST 2535H offered only at Trent University Durham

Instructor: A. O'Connor

CUST 3184H: Documentary Film Workshop

A workshop course in 16mm filmmaking with an emphasis on experimental documentary work using lightweight film cameras. Required fee for materials: $80. Prerequisite: 4.0 university credits including 1.0
CUST credit or permission of the instructor. Excludes
CUST 3185Y. Instructor: TBA

CUST-IDST 3532H: Issues in Global Media

The uses of media for development; problems of global mass media; the Internet and the digital divide; and alternative media such as community radio. Emphasis on culture and mass media in Latin America, but some
discussion of other parts of the developing world. Prerequisite: 4.0 university credits. Students may take only one of CUST-IDST 3032Y or 3532H for credit. Instructor:  A. O'Connor


CUST-COIS 3533H: Game Studies

An introduction to game studies that explores the implications of games and play. What can games tell us about what we value, how we think, and who we are? Prerequisite: 4.0 university credits.

Instructor: J. Leipert

CUST 3535H: Television Studies

An introduction to television studies with an emphasis on the historical transformations of TV from the 1950s to the YouTube era. Prerequisite: 4.0 university credits. Instructor: A. O'Connor

CUST 3538H: Radio Studies

Introduction to the history and theory of radio broadcasting from the early twentieth century to the age of the Internet. Prerequisite: 4.0 university credits. Instructor: A. O'Connor