Ashley Fellowship

Ashley Fellow 2017: Dr. Stevi Jackson

This year the Ashley Fellow is being hosted by Lady Eaton College in conjunction with Sociology and Gender and Women's Studies.

Dr. Stevi Jackson is an academic and writer working in the field of gender and sexuality. Currently working at the Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of York in the UK, Prof. Jackson has retained her interest in sexuality throughout her career, but has also worked on broader aspects of feminist theory, on family relationships and on childhood.  Her current interests include theorizing sexuality, especially heterosexuality; theories of self and subjectivity; modernity, gender and intimacy in Asia and Europe.

Professor Jackson recently released the book Gender and Sexuality which was co-authored with Professor Momin Rahman of Trent’s Sociology department. Along with this, she was the founding co-editor of the International Journal Feminist Theory.

Dr. Jackson will be at Trent in January and February of 2017. During her time here, she will be a guest lecturer in various courses and will give several public lectures. Public events include:


Date Event
Wednesday January 25

Public Lecture and Welcome Reception

Lecture: 4:00 pm, LEC Pit

Internationalizing the critique of heterosexuality: the benefits and pitfalls of thinking beyond the parochially 'western'.

Welcome Reception: 5:30pm, Senior Common Room (EC 301)

Tuesday January 31

Public Talk: 12:00 - 1:00, LEC Senior Common Room (EC 301)

The Legacy of French Theory

Guest speaker: Dr. Elaine Stavro (Political Studies)

Saturday January 28

Enweying: An Event about Extraordinary Ideas

9:30 am - 4:00 pm, FPHL 117

Talk and panel: What's so special about sex?

Wednesday February 1

Public Panel: 2:00pm, EC 201

Sexualities beyond Western Modernity: Understanding the similarities and differences in Muslim and Asian sexual diversity.

Panelists include: Stevi Jackson, Momin Rahman and Douglas Janoff (LGBT Rights Advisor for Global Affairs Canada)

Wednesday February 8

Public Lecture: 7:00 pm, The Pit (Lady Eaton College)

Activist lives in and after Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement: Challenging authoritarianism in public and private spaces  

Thursday February 9

Intersections brown bag lunch: 12:00 - 2:00, Alumni House

What's so special about sex?

Tuesday February 14

Informal Morning Coffee: 9:30am, Senior Common Room (EC 301)

Pursuing graduate studies in gender studies

Wednesday February 15

Public Panel: Fifty Years of Feminism

3:00 - 5:00, The Gathering Space (GC)

150 years since Confederation, and 100 years since equal votes, this panel discussion focuses on the successes and failures of feminism over the last 50 years and the likely future for gender politics. The session will begin with an overview reflection from feminist activist and theorist, Professor Stevi Jackson, and then moves to responses and engagements from the panelists including Dr. Joan Sangster (Professor, GWST) and Dawn Lavell-Harvard (Director, FPHL)



About the Fellowship

The Ashley Fellowship is funded by a bequest from the late Professor C.A. Ashley, longtime friend of Trent University and an enthusiastic proponent of the role which the informal contacts of College life can play in the academic pursuits of the University. The Ashley Fellow is therefore a visiting scholar who is a resident guest in one of Trent's residential Colleges. By the terms approved by Senate in 1976, and in keeping with Professor Ashley's wishes, "scholar" should be broadly interpreted to include persons not necessarily holding an academic appointment.

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