What is an Endowed Chair?

  • A gift from a philanthropist that enables the University to retain and attract the finest scholars and researchers in the world
  • Prestigious position created through funds which are capitalized and which generate an annual expendable income stream, in perpetuity
  • Critical investment in intellectual capital
  • The concept of private endowed chairs has a long heritage and rich tradition at universities around the world, having been used for hundreds of years – it is a new concept for Trent, however, where chairs are normally government funded and last for specified terms, while endowed chair funds exist in perpetuity

How does it Work?

  • Named Chair endowment fund is a capital gift held in perpetuity – a $2 million gift will generate a minimum of $80,000 per annum, in perpetuity, at the current pay-out rates of 4% established by Trent policies
  • The income stream will be apportioned between the Dean’s Office (to off-set salary) and the Chairholder and his/her department (to support departmental initiatives)
  • The position of the Chair is held by a senior academic of national and/or international stature

Why Important to Trent?

  • Celebrates Trent’s liberal education and supports its financial sustainability
  • Endowed Chairs have prestige within the international and national academic world, helping Trent to recruit and retain scholars and teachers
  • Offers prestigious naming opportunity to recognize donors or individuals they may choose to honour,  including academic leaders, and engages donors in the academic and research life of our University
  • Endowed Chairs are “financial enablers” and will help Trent realize its Vision and plans leading to its historic milestone 50th anniversary in 2014