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Undergraduate Students 

The Career Centre website has lots of information for all students.  The Career Guide will take you through the process of learning more about yourself and your options, presents various ways to get experience and look for work, discusses preparing for further education, and suggests strategies for making choices.

Information for Getting Started:


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Don’t Wait Untill You Graduate!
A suggested time line for career exploration

Not sure when to begin exploring your career options? The Career Roadmap is a suggested time line for your three or four years at Trent. Everyone's needs and past experience will factor into how they apply these guidelines. The important thing is to have a plan, and to approach the task of career exploration one manageable step at a time.

Career Roadmap >>


Tips for International Students

Be knowledgeable of immigration and work permit matters so that you can explain the process to employers.  The Trent International Program Office can help direct you to the relevant information.

Check out the International Students Tip Sheet.

Check out our External Links page with more relevant links under the "International Student Specific" section.

Tips for Students with Disabilities

Check out our External Links page with more relevant links under the "Disibility Specific" section. 

In particular, students looking to do an internship after graduation should check out Career Edge for opportunities.


Tips for Graduating Students

The type of work you are really interested in doing may not be immediately available to you upon graduation. The journey toward a holding a senior management position, running your own consulting firm, or being editor of a major newspaper will undoubtedly take a number of years, several job changes, and more than one detour. Consider the following:

  • What entry level jobs might be useful in leading towards my ultimate goal?
  • Do I need to consider contract or temporary work as a starting point?
  • Does this field lend itself to self-employment?
  • Is there an opportunity for me to develop a new path by creating work for myself?  This may mean identifying a gap or creating a niche that matches your skills.

Our Mission - In collaboration with the entire university, the Trent Career Centre motivates students and alumni in the pursuit of their ambitions, through educating about career and life choices, providing resources, and creating awareness of opportunity.