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Sample On-Campus Jobs

** These are sample positions and do not constitute a comprehensive listing. The list is to create ideas of what kind of positions are available on campus. For current postings, please visit the Student Job Board.**

Examples of potential on-campus job opportunities organized by skill set:




  • Fitness Instructor -Athletics
  • Lifeguard - Athletics
  • Swimming Instructor -Athletics
  • Outdoor Education Staff -Athletics
  • Campus Rec Convener & Referee -Athletics
  • Outdoor Education Staff -Athletics
  • Summer Sports Camp -Athletics
  • Pub Operations Manager -Campus Pubs/Conference Services
  • Programming and Promotions Manager -Campus Pubs/Conference Services
  • Peer Mentoring Program Staff Academic Skills
  • Rebound Guide -Office of Student Transitions and Careers
  • Orientation Leader -Office of Student Transitions and Careers
  • Out on Campus Group Discussion Leader -Office of Student Transitions and Careers
  • College Life Facilitator -Colleges of Trent University
  • College Community Liaison -Colleges of Trent University
  • College Community Support -Colleges of Trent University
  • TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Alumni House Student Intern -Alumni Affairs
  • First Peoples House Student Ambassador -First Peoples House of Learning
  • Residence Life Don -Housing Department

Customer Service

  • Front Desk Service Staff -Bookstore
  • Front Desk Receptionist -Trent Central Student Association (TCSA)
  • Office Manager -Trent Central Student Association (TCSA)
  • Office Assistant -Variety of departments including Office of Student Transitions and Careers, Housing, Graduate Studies, Department Offices, Registrar's  Office, Athletics, etc.
  • Human Resources Student Administrative Assistant -Human Resources Department
  • Student Receptionist -Executive Offices
  • Technician Student Assistant -Information Technology Department
  • Student Advisor IT -Information Technology Department
  • Campus Card System Assistant -Student Card Office
  • Seasoned Spoon Cook Prep -Seasoned Spoon Cafe
  • Admissions Assistant -Registrar 's Office
  • Admissions Assistant -Study Abroad, Trent International Program


  • Publication Staff -Absynthe, Arthur, Trent Annual
  • Editors -Absynthe, Arthur, Trent Annual
  • Layout Designer -Absynthe, Arthur, Trent Annual
  • Photographer -Trent Annual
  • Designer - Absynthe, Arthur, Trent Annual
  • New Student Orientation -Summer -Registrar's Office
  • Student Ambassadors -Registrar's Office
  • Liaison Assistant - Liaison and Tours Office
  • Fundraising/Development -External Relations and Advancement
  • Community Relations Assistant -External Relations and Advancement
  • Correspondent -Trent Annual Fund
  • TCSA Brand Ambassador -Trent Central Student Association (TCSA)

Event Planning

  • Conferences -Conference Services
  • Hospitality Coordinator -Conference Services
  • Campus Organizer -Trent Central Student Association (TCSA)
  • Orientation Leader -Office of Student Transitions and Careers
  • Events and Services Coordinator -Trent Central Student Association (TCSA)
  • Home Events Coordinator -Athletics
  • Employer Relations Student Assistant -Office of Student Transitions and Careers

Research and Teaching

  • Research Assistant in Academic Departments
  • Teaching Assistant in Academic Departments
  • Grading Assistant in Academic Departments

Maintenance and Security

  • Trent Walk Home Program Team Leader -Security Office
  • Grounds Maintenance -Physical Resources Department
  • Snow Removal -Physical Resources Department
  • Lawn Maintenance -Physical Resources Department
  • Building Maintenance and Repair -Physical Resources Department
  • Parking Regulation Assistant -Security Office
  • Security Dispatcher -Security Office
  • First Response Team -Security Office