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Mock Interview Program

Practice interviews will provide students with the professional feedback they need and will also serve as an opportunity for students to gain interview skills, self-confidence and the chance to network with professionals.

To participate in a mock interview, you must first attend one of our Interviewing for Success workshops or book an Interview Prep appointment.  At the end of the workshop/appointment, you will get a list of interviewers, including their positions and contact information.  Then follow the process outlined below.

Mock Interview Process

  1. Book and attend a resume critique appointment with the Career Centre.  You will benefit from attending the Résumé workshop.  Workshop dates and registration.

  2. Review the Interviews Tip Sheet.

  3. Find a job ad similar to the type of work you would be looking for; if you cannot find something suitable, create your own.

  4. Prepare your resume as if you would be sending it in application for that job.

  5. Contact one of the interviewers from the list your received to set up the mock interview; if you are unsure how to approach them, book an appointment with the Career Centre to discuss or practice your "spiel".

  6. Set up a date and time for the interview that is convenient for both of you; usually the interview will be conducted at the interviewers workplace.

  7. At least three business days before your interview, send the interviewer the job ad and your resume.

  8. The interviewer will give you verbal feedback after the interview and s/he will complete a feedback form to give to you.

  9. You will also receive an email from the Career Centre with a link to an online evaluation regarding our Mock Interview Program; we value your comments about the Program, so we hope you will take a few minutes to complete it.


  • There may not be an interviewer from the field you are interested in but these are all professionals who have experience in conducting interviews so their feedback is valuable.

  • Even though this is a mock interview, you have to show professionalism from the moment you make contact with the interviewer.

  • Don’t forget to reflect on the whole experience, noting what went well during the interview and what you feel you need to work on.

  • At the mock interview, treat it like it is a real interview

For more info, contact

Remember, you can also book a practice interview with the Career Counsellor or the Career Resource Advisor in the Career Centre. Peterborough students, book your appointment through the online booking system. Sign in to the Student Experience Portal.  Click on “Book Appointments” in the left menu to book your appointment with the Career Centre. You can also call 748-1011 x6012 to book the appointment.