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The following resources are FREE to Trent students.  To access them, log in to myTrent where their links are featured under the "Support" tab.



Logo for MyWorldAbroad

Expert advice is essential for anyone considering going abroad to study, volunteer, intern, teach, travel or work!

Are you ready for the challenge and excitement of living abroad? Whether you’re a first year student just starting out, or you are about to graduate, MyWorldAbroad is your gateway to success.

Develop your International IQ, build strong cross-cultural skills and learn about international job hunting –these credentials will prepare you for future work in the global economy. Find the international program or position that fits your style with more than 1,800 pages of information and 4,000 searchable resources and employer profiles. This easy-to-use interactive online guide provides thousands of practical strategies as well as tips, quizzes and videos.



Logo for Career Cruising.This interactive tool includes a self-assessment of your interests, in-depth profiles of different careers, and multimedia interviews.

There are four main tabs: Assessments, Careers, Education, and Employment.  Under Assessments, you have access to "Matchmaker & My Skills" -- answer questions about your likes and dislikes to find suggestions for careers that match up with your interests.  There's even an assessment on learning styles.

Under Careers, explore careers with a simple keyword search or use the alphabetical index to quickly find the careers you are looking for. You can explore careers by school subjects and other criteria.

Under Education, explore education and training with a keyword search or by entering a school name, or select a province/territory to find schools there.  A second tab lets you search by program name.

Under Employment, you'll find information on job search, evaluating job offers, and on-the-job advice.


Logo for Type Focus.Complete the 20-25 minute quiz which will lead you to occupational and education information.



  • a summary of each of the four components of your personality type as well as a description of how your personality type prefers to function
  • a list of occupations that have been identified as preferred careers for people who share your personality type, as well as a description of each occupation