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Self Asssessment

Knowing Ourselves - interests, personality, values, and skills

Self knowledge can assist you to:

  • make appropriate academic and career choices
  • increase your knowledge of careers
  • understand your decision making process
  • write an effective résumé
  • market your skills to an employer in an interview




Career Assessment

Focus on personal reflection and feedback from family and friends who know you well.  The goal is to create a personal profile that is honest and comprehensive -- one that will help you generate career options.


  • Interests  - What are your likes/dislikes?  What can you see yourself doing? 
  • Personality - What are your personality traits?
  • Personal and Work Values - What will contribute to your personal job satisfaction? 
  • Preferred Skills - What skills have you developed? Of those, which ones would you like to use in a job?



Career assessments and quizzes interpret your responses to questions in order to generate career options and suggestions. Caution should be exercised in interpreting results. More important than specific career suggestions, look for recurring themes and patterns in the types of occupations identified. Using a number of assessments will provide you with a variety of suggestions.

Guidelines for Using Self-Assessment
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Check out our Self Assessment Worksheet and Your Career Guide tip sheets.

Both self-reflection and career assessments can help you to learn more about yourself.  Remember to use both methods to gain a greater understanding of yourself.

In career planning, you may consider your interests, personality, values and skills.
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