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What is a career?  A career is the sum of experiences, including work, learning and leisure activities, that you engage in throughout a lifetime.

What is career development?  Career development is the process of learning about your interests, skills, values and personality and exploring career options that fit you.



The career development process involves:

  • discover yourself
  • explore your options
  • make choices
  • take action

It is a continual process where you will likely go

back to revisit steps you've already taken because

of new information you've discovered.

Career Development Process - A Model


When exploring career choices remember:

  • you will not be choosing one career for the rest of you life
  • create plans with flexibility... remember 'Plan B'
  • keep your eyes open for opportunity
  • focus on your next step
  • expect uncertainty
  • don't forget your dreams


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Career Guide Contents

The Career Guide provides an in-depth exploration of career and work search topics. Click on the headings for more information.

Self Assessment

Explore Options

Consider your interests, skills, values and personality. Self-discovery can be accomplished through personal reflection, observations from those who know you, and a wide range of self-assessment tools.



Learn strategies to help you gather information relevant to your education and career interests. This includes talking with people in your field of interest, recognizing employment trends, and learning the requirements needed to reach your goal.


Get Experience

Look for Work

Explore your options through experience.  Experiential activities include community-based education, volunteering, and more.  Learn how you can get practical, on-the-job experience while exploring career options and developing marketable skills.



Looking for work involves planning how to reach your goal. This involves creating an effective résumé/CV and cover letter, exploring the advertised and unadvertised job markets and preparing for interviews.

Prepare for Further Education

Make Choices

Further education can be a rewarding experience which contributes to your personal and career development.  We present information on some common requirements such as references, CV's, personal statement, and more.



At some point in your career planning, you will want to narrow your focus to a few career options. We outline some considerations and an approach you can use to make choices.

Additional Information for Getting Started:


A compass set on top of a map.

Don’t Wait Untill You Graduate!
A suggested time line for career exploration

Not sure when to begin exploring your career options? The Career Roadmap is a suggested time line for your three or four years at Trent. Everyone's needs and past experience will factor into how they apply these guidelines. The important thing is to have a plan, and to approach the task of career exploration one manageable step at a time.

Career Roadmap >>