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Examples of Cover Letters

Example 1: Olivia's cover letter having a contact at an organization

4516 Darby Way
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B4X 1C7

January 19, 2013.

Mr. John R. Martin
Director, Human Resources
Saskatoon Computers Inc.
465 Marilyn Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  S7Y 8J9

Dear Mr. Martin,

I was recently speaking with my uncle, James Jackson, about opportunities in the computer programming industry and he recommended that I contact you. I will be graduating this Spring from the Technical University of Nova Scotia with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and I am interested in working for your company as a Computer Programmer.

As you will see from myrésumé, I have a well-rounded background, through my university education and practical experience. I have gained invaluable experience in my work as a Research Associate. I am extremely proud of my involvement in many extracurricular activities. In 2012, I received a prestigious award for my volunteer work in the community.

I am confident that my courses at the Technical University of Nova Scotia in software engineering and applications programming, coupled with my work experience, will prove particularly useful for the position of Computer Programmer at Saskatoon Computers Inc. Although I am presently living in Nova Scotia, I am willing to relocate in order to pursue my career.

I have included my résumé for your consideration. I can be reached at (902) 555-6715 after 3 pm and on weekends, or by E-mail at O_Abbott@hauk.sas.ca .

Olivia J. Abbott

Example 2: Dora's cover letter having no contact and no advertisement

Dora Smith
2802 Davis Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M8C 5M7
(416) 555-6502

January 16, 2013

Wright, Auger & Harrow
1256 Market Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 2P3

Attn: Janice Peck, Human Resources

Dear Ms. Peck:

Are you looking for a competent, motivated, outgoing and well-organized Audit Trainee?

I will be graduating from the University of Toronto in the Spring when I will receive a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. I am proud to tell you that I have been on the Dean's List every semester, since I started at university.

As you will see in my résumé, I have excellent experience in all phases of the accounting profession. In the summer of 2012, I was a summer student at Robbins & Richard where I worked directly with clients on audits, used a software program called ACCPAC and became familiar with the daily operations of a large accounting firm. In the summer of 2010 and 2011, I was a bookkeeper for an investment company. Since late 2011, I have worked, part time, as an assistant manager for a jewellery store where I am responsible for inventory, bank deposits and balancing the cash. These positions have given me the opportunity to substantially develop my interpersonal skills which will prove invaluable at Wright, Auger & Harrow.

I would like the chance to interview with you at your earliest convenience. It is easiest to reach me at (416) 555-6502 during business hours. Thank you for your consideration.


Dora Smith



Example 3: Derek's cover letter responding to an advertisement for an entry level public relations trainee

1658 Beacon St. #3A
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2M 8T3
(204) 555-1921

March 3, 2013

Mr. George Jacobs
Director of Human Resources
Communications Canada Inc.
1300 River St. W.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R7B 4H2

Dear Mr. Jacobs:

I am sending you my résumé in response to the advertisement you placed in last week's edition of The Winnipeg Free Press for the position of an entry level public relations trainee (reference number FR391)

I will be graduating this Spring from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor's Degree in Labour Studies. My experience as captain of the school's intercollegiate hockey team has taught me outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. It has also given me an opportunity to deal extensively with the media. Throughout my years at school, in addition to my involvement in sports, I have held a part time position at a retail store. As proof of my discipline and organizational abilities, I have been able to work thirty hours each week and still maintain good grades.

I am interested in beginning my career in the communications industry, in the field of public relations and I feel my experience, energy and enthusiasm would enable me to make an excellent contribution at Communications Canada Inc.

I can be reached at the above address and telephone number, or a message can be left at (204) 287-3865.


Derek Thomas


Example 4: Pierre's cover letter after having met a recruiter at a career fair

26 Haley Rd.
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 555-9046

July 17, 2013

Mr. Andre Cartier
Director, Human Resources
Farallon, Inc.
787 E. Fourier Drive
Montreal, Quebec
H6T 7Y2

Dear Mr. Cartier:

We met at the Career Fair at McGill University in October last year and at the time you mentioned that your company would be recruiting Junior Systems Analysts this fall, to begin working in September 2013. I am writing to request an interview for one of these positions.

I was impressed by how helpful the staff from your organization was at the Career Fair. Your plans to create a department dealing solely with New Applications Development is of particular interest to me, given my background.

I will be graduating from McGill University in June with a Bachelor of Commerce in Management Information Systems. I received the James McGill Scholarship in 2012 for my excellent grades. My course work has included programming, database management and systems analysis. In addition, I have been assistant to a PhD student who is creating a new business software program for his thesis. I am confident these skills will give me the ideal background required for the position of junior systems analyst at Farallon Inc.

I will contact you early in August to set up an interview at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your consideration.


Pierre Faucher